Full on guide to traffic barricades that you will need know when working as a policeman

traffic barricades

If you are working as a policeman, you will come across the need to work with many different types of barricades. This is where you should have a solid understanding about the different types of barricades. This understanding can provide you the chance to refrain from encountering numerous challenging situations in the long run.

There are many different types of traffic barricades available for you to use. From this article, we are looking forward to sharing information with related to some of the most prominent options available out there. You can simply go through these options and figure out what are the best traffic barricades available for you to use. Then you can understand where you should be using the correct traffic barricades.

Traffic cones

Road Safety Equipment Suppliers – SafetyFirst says when you take a look at the traffic barricades, you will figure out that traffic cones are the most common. Traffic cones are also known as road cones and construction cones. You can often find how they are being used on active roadways, highways, and construction sites. The main reason why people prefer to go ahead with traffic barricades is that they are easy to deploy and use. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to store the traffic cones as well.

Traffic cones are quite effective when notifying both drivers and pedestrians about the risks that lie ahead of them. You will be able to deploy them at any given time because of their stackable and lightweight design. They are highly durable as well. That’s mainly because they are made out of polyethylene plastic. Due to the same reason, traffic cones are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a longer period of time. Even if they are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended time duration, they will not be subjected to any damages.

There are traffic cones available in different sizes and shapes. You should be using them based on your requirement. On the other hand, you will also figure out that traffic cones are available in different colors as well. Here are some of the best options out of them.

  • Red colored cones – Red colored cones are usually being used to notify people about immediate danger
    • Orange cones – Orange cones notify potential danger. If there is a possibility for a serious injury to take place, it is possible to use orange-colored cones.
    • Green cones – Green colored cones are indicating first aid stations. You can often see green colored cones at athletic events.
    • Yellow cones – Yellow cones are referring to potential danger. On top of that, it would represent potential chances of an injury taking place.
    • White cones – White cones are being used to indicate a safe area. This is the main reason why you can see white colored cones around doorways and restrooms
    • Blue cones – Blue cones are being used to represent non-hazardous risks. For example, you can use them to represent a parking area designed for handicapped.

Water filled barriers

You can also call water filled barriers under traffic barricades. These are made out of durable and lightweight plastics. Two people needed to set up and dismantle water filled barriers. This will be a great alternative available for the concrete barriers. That’s because it is easy to store and transport these barriers.

It has also been identified that water filled barriers are not in a position to cause any serious injuries to people when compared to the concrete barriers. Therefore, people prefer to use them instead of concrete barriers in most of the situations.

Traffic barrels

As a policeman, you will come across the need to work with traffic barrels as well. There are numerous reflective traffic barrels available out there for you to consider. The role played by traffic barrels is quite similar to what the traffic cones can offer. However, you will still be able to find a broader base in the traffic barrels. Hence, you can expect to receive more stability out of them. On top of that, you can also discover a better reflective surface on them. Hence, it is possible for you to end up with increasing visibility or stability.

All the traffic barrels are coming to you along with handles. These handles will deliver easy dragging, carrying, and lifting to you. You will be able to improve the strength of the traffic barrels as well. All you have to do is to go ahead and use rubber weighted bases on them. On top of that, you can also think about using sandbags, so that you will be able to enhance their strength in an effective manner.

You will not come across any major struggles when you are transporting, you’re the traffic barrels as well. They are highly durable and visible. Hence, you can think about using them for many years. You will never have to go ahead with replacing them in the near future.


Delineators include delineator posts and delineator tubes. They are available to you in different colors. You can easily use them to alert the drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers with related to dangerous environments. As a policeman, you will come across the need to use them and notify drivers about potential dangers that lie ahead of them.

You can often use delineators in parking lots, parking garages and areas near construction zones. These are designed to maintain their visibility during visibility. On the other hand, you will also be able to find them without encountering any challenges.

Final words

As you can see, there are numerous traffic barricades available for you to use. You can take a look at these and use them in the right situations. By using appropriate traffic barricades, you can make your life easy as you manage traffic as a policeman. You will appreciate the support offered by them to you as well.  

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