Foreign Tourists Enter Bali, Quarantine Free

Foreign Tourists Enter Bali, Quarantine Free!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, people’s movements have been limited. Regulations have been socialized to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. One of these regulations is limiting the number of visitors in public spaces such as malls, cinemas and the GBK Indonesia stadium.

As the Covid-19 case decreased, new regulations emerged and were enforced in various regions, including the Island of the Gods. One of these new regulations is aimed at Bali tourists. Now, foreign tourists can enter Bali without quarantine, here are some terms and conditions.

Terms of Foreign Tourists Entering Bali Without Quarantine

  1. Must Stay a Minimum of Four Days in Bali

To be free from quarantine, foreign tourists are required to have a fully-paid hotel ticket for at least 4 days of stay. 

  • Must Show a Negative PCR Swab Test Result

Another requirement is that foreign tourists must have been fully vaccinated or have a booster vaccine. In addition, foreign tourists must do a PCR swab test and wait at the hotel until the test results come out negative for Covid-19.

After being declared negative, foreign tourists can start their activities and enjoy their holidays in Bali. However, tourists must comply with the use of masks and other health protocols.

  • Re-test PCR Swab on Day 3

After being declared negative in the first PCR test, foreign tourists must do a PCR swab test again at the hotel where they are staying to anticipate the presence of the Coronavirus that has not been detected because of its incubation period.

  • Have Covid-19 Health Insurance

Foreign tourists are also required to have health insurance for Covid-19. Tourists who get tested positive can be directly treated at a referral hospital with this insurance. Also, make sure the insurance has a minimum coverage of 20,000 SGD.

  • Application of Visa on Arrival (VOA)

The new regulations for foreign tourists in Bali also include the application of VOA or Visa on Arrival. There are 23 countries listed on the list, including ASEAN countries, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, England, the Netherlands, Italy, France, and New Zealand. Countries in Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are also included in this list.

The new regulations for tourists make access to Bali easier, but even with less-strict rules, we still have to adhere to health protocols.

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