Foldable Smartphone From Samsung Named As W20 5G Will Launch In China In November


After the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the rumors for the new foldable phones from the company has started appearing on the internet as the company might launch some cheaper models. The company showed a new foldable flip phone during the Samsung Developer Conference which was just this week. According to a recent post at Weibo is suggested that Samsung will be launching a new foldable phone under the W series and it is called Samsung  W20 5G. The smartphone will be released sometime in November. The silhouette image of the smartphone shows the side of the flip phone which is slightly opened. the name of the smartphone was also revealed by Samsung.

post at Weibo features a teaser for Samsung W20 5G foldable phone and it will be launched in November. The smartphone is considered to be the successor of Samsung W2019. Instead of a physical keypad, the smartphone will have another display in it. In the image, you can see the silhouette off the smartphone as it was partially opened.  While this might be for a dramatic effect and the smartphone can simply be a clamshell phone with a physical keypad as spotted by Fonearean.

There are many rumors regarding Samsung in which it was mentioned that the company is planning to make two more foldable smartphones. There was news about a foldable phone that can collapse in a square after the Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched. The W20 5G might be another one of those models but nothing is confirmed. During the SDC 2019 event, the company also introduced a foldable flip phone which can be another design from Samsung. The Samsung W20 5G will give competition to Razr foldable phone which is releasing on 13th November.

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