Five Amazing Advances in Gaming Technology

Five Amazing Advances in Gaming Technology

Since its official birth in the 1950s as a means of entertainment and technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has surely blossomed into one of the most successful entertainment industries across the globe. This tremendous technological advancement in the field of gaming has revolutionized the entertainment industry and has changed the lives of millions of tech addicts around the world. Every day, a new gaming feature is waiting for them to be explored. 

Undoubtedly, this gaming trend has become so integrated with advanced popular culture that today, people of all age groups know what types of games are available on the internet as per their interests.

The best part is that games are not only used for entertainment purposes but also for educating different masses in various fields. Moreover, mobile gaming technology is also considered to be one of the most profitable industries in the world. 

Although most of the time we play games because it’s ‘fun’, we are actually reaping a variety of health benefits along with it. For example, gaming increases brain function, enhances our cognitive skills, boosts our serotonin levels, and helps us to stay more focused. 

The first board game, ‘Senet’ was found in Egypt somewhere in 3100 BC. Since then, the gaming industry has seen millions of gaming addicts that not only enjoy games but also earn money through their incredible gaming skills. Here are the top five advancements that have been made in the gaming industry during the last few decades. Let’s take a look!

Facial Recognition

Features like 3D scanning or facial recognition technology allow the gaming systems to visibly create your likeness in the gaming experience so that you may also enjoy a customized avatar. Now you can inventively convey or transfer your expressions to other digital platforms easily. 

What’s more interesting is that technological advances like Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera allow the game developers to create software that can practically adopt the emotions of the gamers. It works by scanning 78 different points of a person’s face which indicates your feelings, facial expressions and body language. How cool is that? 

Gesture Control

How about getting rid of your controller while gaming? Technological advancements like Intel RealSense technology allow you to enjoy first shooter games with just a simple movement of your hand. Due to immense technological advancement, only a few waves are enough to take control of your gaming movements – now you don’t need to hold your controller all the time! 

Also, using a 3D camera can track 22 special points in your hand to determine your gestures. It allows you to practically connect with the gaming world through your body language and natural movements. For instance, the game ‘Warrior Wave’ uses RealSense technology so you may use your hand to lead a group of soldiers in the game. 

Similarly, there are various games on the internet that can be enjoyed via gesture control technology instead of gaming controllers or joysticks. 

High-Def Displays

We all know the tremendous advancement of technology in the field of gaming, especially when it comes to enjoying the high-pixel display, bright colors, and high-resolution screen-time. With every passing minute, technology is equipping the gaming industry with tons of innovative ideas to improve the overall graphics and color themes of different games. 

The internet is full of millions of games that have the best graphics with vibrant color effects and themes. This has not only made the gaming experience more pleasant but also converted most of the kids and teenagers into gaming addicts. After all, with such high-level graphics, it is hard to stay away from the screen, isn’t it?

Voice Recognition

Having a lazy day but still want to play video games? Not a problem at all. Now you do not need to pick the controller in your hand. Instead, you can always rely on voice-controlled gaming technology that has been around for a while to recognize your voice commands easily. 

From turning on and switching off the console to giving commands during the gameplay and interacting on social media, you can control all the gaming operations with your voice! However, as most of the games are run through the internet, you need to have a stable internet connection to avoid excessive lag-time. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, you can always opt for high-speed, secure, and reliable internet service providers like Hawaiian Telcom Internet to enjoy a peaceful gaming time. They will not only provide instant connectivity but also offer you the most economical internet package in town, starting from $54.99 only per month! 

Mobile Gaming

With the extraordinary evolution of smartphones, the whole gaming software can be easily adjusted into the palm of your hands. Now you can play video games absolutely anywhere, at any time of the day whether you are sitting near the computer or not. We all know how the internet is full of online games that can be downloaded on our phones without any hassle. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, you need to have a speedy internet connection to enjoy a stress-free gaming experience. You cannot afford to have slow internet, especially while downloading the games on your phone. Therefore, we suggest you opt for high-speed internet connections like Spectrum that are not only affordable but also very secure. Moreover, you can always call on Spectrum phone number to get more information about their amazing internet deals. 


If the advancements that have occurred over the last few decades are anything to go by, it seems that gaming in 2040 will be completely unrecognizable and unmatchable to how it is in the current era. Undoubtedly, it has been a long journey from the Egyptian board game Senet to Angry Birds. Throughout its technological progression, the gaming industry has witnessed thousands of ups and downs. Although we do not know about what the next chapter for gaming holds for us, one thing is for sure, the upcoming tech is going to be more entertaining than the existing gaming patterns.

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

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