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There is a very less number of females in India who have saved themselves from sexual disorders and infertility. But a large number of females are suffering from infertility issues during their lifetime. Infertility is referred to as the struggle that a female faces when she tries to conceive by natural sexual intercourse for more than a year (or six months). If a woman faces regular pregnancy failures after having daily physical activity without using any birth control, then she or her partner is suffering from infertility issues. And a couple is not said to be infertile until they try to conceive for more than a year and still get nothing.

When and whom should a couple visit if they have infertility?

Only an infertility specialist who has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of female sexual health and infertility issues can help a female to overcome their continuous failures. They are specialized in treating female sexual disorders that prevent them from being a mother by several treatments. Firstly they analyze the problems and then offer statements that best suit them and have the best chances of getting success.

If you or your partner are trying to achieve pregnancy for more than a year from now, then the first thing to do is visit a fertility specialist who can offer you treatments like In-Vitro Fertilisation, Intrauterine Insemination, etc. An infertile couple can opt for procedures like In-Vitro Fertilisation to make their dream of being a parent of a child a reality. In-Vitro Fertilisation is one of the Assisted Reproductive Techniques used to give people the best chances to get pregnant in the very first attempt.

In-Vitro Fertilisation and its success rates in Jaipur

In-Vitro Fertilisation is a process that consists, taking out the female’s eggs outside their body by using a needle-like instrument in a petri dish. And then, the sperm are taken out and mixed with the eggs in a laboratory to carry out the process of fertilization. After sperms fertilize the eggs, an embryo is formed, and that embryo is again implanted in the female’s uterus. This process helps in getting a successful pregnancy.

Though, a process like In-Vitro Fertilisation gives the highest possibility of getting success in the very first attempt. But it is not always necessary, and there are chances that you might need more than one cycle to get success with IVF treatment. But the cases of failure in the first cycle of IVF with the couples are sporadic.

Mishka IVF- the best choice for IVF treatment

If you are looking for an IVF treatment for treating your infertility issues, then visit Mishka IVF- the best IVF center in Jaipur. Mishka is a well-renowned and Jaipur’s most exceptional female health and fertility center. It offers treatments and medications to treat all aspects of female, male, and couple infertility issues under a single roof.

Infertility causes and it’s treatments.

A female suffers from infertility due to many reasons that stop them from being a mother and giving birth to a baby. The following are the factors that create a stoppage in pregnancy, and each of the elements has its importance in the female body.

1. Fallopian tube damage

Fallopian tubes are the structure that holds the female’s eggs and carries them from the ovaries ( ovaries are the part responsible for producing eggs) to the female’s uterus, where the embryo develops into a baby. Any damage to fallopian tubes due to pelvic infections, past surgeries, and endometriosis can prevent sperm from entering the fallopian tubes for fertilization. And without fertilization, it is impossible to conceive for a female.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

For a successful pregnancy, it is essential to have a perfect hormonal imbalance in the body. If you’re going through unusual hormonal changes, then it may affect the process of releasing eggs from the female reproductive organ, and it also affects the thickening of the uterus linings.

3. Trouble with uterine

Polyps and fibroids can interfere in the process of getting pregnant. Increased amounts of cells in the endometrium of the uterus can result in uterine polyps. And the unnecessary growth of fibroids in the womb and other abnormalities can also interfere in the process.

4. Unexplained Infertility

According to various researchers, 2 out of 10 couples who suffer from infertility have no idea about the cause that is responsible for infertility.

Mishka IVF– the best IVF center in Jaipur offers a wide range of treatments for treating fertility disorders like blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm and eggs count in the body, endometrium (damaged uterine lining), and poor ovarian reserve in females. The treatments offered by Mishka IVF are:

  • Medication and Infertility drugs
  • Surgeries for treating infertility
  • Assisted Reproductive Therapies like IUI and IVF.

Mishka offers the best infertility treatments in Jaipur.

Mishka IVF is an ideal place for taking out treatments like In-Vitro Fertilisation and IVF with donor techniques. They have expertise in treating female infertility and sexual disorders with the latest and modern technologies by Jaipur’s most exceptional IVF specialist. They offer the best IVF treatments that come with the highest success rates in Jaipur.

Mishka knows that each patient requires different care and methods for treatments, and that’s why all the procedures are meticulously designed for each patient, keeping in mind their needs, medical history, and other facilities. They use the latest machines and pieces of equipment for taking out the operations and treatments.

Ruchi Bhandari

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is a well-known and Jaipur’s best gynecologist who has gained knowledge in the field of female reproductive health and wellness. Dr. Bhandari is the director of Mishka IVF Center and the head doctor of the female infertility team at Mishka IVF. She is the best IVF specialist with more than seven years of experience in treating females with the best treatments in Jaipur.

She also offers online consultation services for couples so that they can get guidance on any female disorder or infertility issues from any city, state, or country. All the treatments are given under the supervision of Dr. Ruchi Bhandari and taken care of throughout the hospital time.


Female infertility issues can be cured if given proper medication or treatment to them on time, but if not treated, it can create adverse effects on the female’s health and body. By treatments like In-Vitro Fertilisation and Intrauterine Insemination, a female can get the gift of motherhood in this lifetime. Mishka IVF Center offers the best infertility treatment like IVF and IUI that consists of the highest success rates at most-affordable prices in Jaipur if you are looking for the fertility treatments in Jaipur visit Mishka IVF- the best IVF center in town.

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