Many people have encountered such embarrassing situations. For example, sometimes it is impossible to see the difference between the two. Especially, if the two people are far away from you, the effect is particularly obvious. For example, if you go to Europe from South America, you might meet someone who looks like you saw when you were in South America. What makes people look so similar? Studies have shown that fashion and fashion affect everyone’s appearance, and Hion fab news fashion plays an important role in defining personal identity.


Classics and fashion, most of the time, seem to be enemies of each other. Fashion impacts classics, and classics criticize fashion. With the progress of society, the struggle between classics and fashion has intensified.

Classics are like an old man who has gone through vicissitudes of life; fashion is like a young man who has never been involved in the world. “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.” Fashion rebels against the classics to prove its existence, and classics persuade fashion to maintain its dignity. However, immature fashion seems to be disrespectful to the classics. What’s more, it completely subverts the classics for the sake of grandstanding and funny. This is the case with “Q Edition Language”. The astute Sima Guang rescued the frog prince and the rogue rabbit by smashing the tank. The brave and fearless Wang Erxiao became the name of the shepherd baby in “The Wolf Is Coming”. Even the pure and noble Snow White has been redesigned by the swimsuit. Faced with such “Chinese”, can we conceal the pain after a smile? This kind of joking not only reduces the ideological taste of the original, but also destroys the essence of human culture. If this kind of culture integrated into the so-called “fashion” becomes a kind of “fashion”, the culture will lose its original meaning.

Classics can forge eternity because they have withstood criticism and reprimands, criticisms and censures in the process of growing up, and finally become a common model. Therefore, fashion may not necessarily become a classic, but classics are eternal fashion in a sense.

Fashion like a seedling that is breaking through the soil, spitting out buds and being uprooted. The classics are like a big tree that has been baptized by the weather and has been inspected by the years, yet still vigorous.

Because it is a seedling, fashion has vigorous vitality and huge growth space. It may be more popular than classics, especially by the new generation. Therefore, the cartoons of Watermelon Taro and Rogue Rabbit have higher ratings than Monkey King and Nezha; the novels of Han Han and Guo Jingming are more popular than those of Lu Xun and Shen Congwen… However, because they are seedlings, fashion lacks the experience and history of wind and rain. The panning, it lacks the profound connotation and multiple meanings of the classics. It remains to be tested and proved by time.

Because it is a big tree, the classics provide us with shade. A “Border Town” can make us feel the simplicity of Xiangxi people, and a “Destiny” can inspire our fighting spirit to write life! The scriptures record human emotions, thoughts and wisdom, which can enlighten us to answer questions and guide us. It lasts forever. Because it is a big tree, the classics can also provide nourishment for the growing seedlings. Many works were born by absorbing the nutrients of the classics, and these works later became the classics. If this phenomenon of “big trees nourishing seedlings” becomes “fashion”, then the inheritance and prosperity of culture will be just around the corner!

Classics and fashion are by no means fire and water, if “fashion” is made more “classic”, classics can become eternal fashion!


Personality and clothing are closely related. Clothing displays, expresses and forms individuality, and clothing can connect individuality with material reality. With clothing, you can study the personality formed in modern culture and the way it changes. In most cases, people with similar appearances belong to the same social class. People of the same type often imitate each other, and they wear exactly the same clothes. In addition, people dressing differently are actually swearing about who they are or who they want to be. Appearance style is often the expression of a person’s personality. This is a complex archetype that refers to physical aspects such as skin, body shape, and hair structure (Barnard, 2000).It also includes clothing and neat appearance. Because clothing and appearance can easily change form, it is difficult for us to judge people through clothing and appearance.


Everyone chooses the image he/she wants to be when he/she is in contact with others. Using clothing to express personal principles and tastes can often achieve many unexpected effects. Dressing style is a combination of a person’s inherent personality and social norms: people’s dressing choice depends on the primary value, social outlook, socioeconomic status, status in life and other factors that are conducive to self-expression (Craik, 1998). In this way, the issue of dress also involves the issue of shared identity, which is a way for individuals to want and find a way to enter the social horizon. This phenomenon is common among some different types of people, and as a result, it makes them look exactly the same


For many people, dress generally reflects personal characteristics, but the meaning they hope to express is sometimes different from the feelings of bystanders. The instability and unpredictability of fashion determines the instability of the clothing system. Sometimes, the dressing principle depends on the specific occasion , and its meaning depends on the individual’s personality, people’s specific circumstances, and the mood at the time. The dress code is related to social differences, and it is also related to the gap in opinions between the interpreter and the interpreter. Clothing is something we can see directly. You can compare clothing with pictures or advertisements. Clothing can become the language of youth groups, cultural representatives of various countries, representatives of national races, and representatives of gay communities. Dressing can help people understand their value and social identity.


Obviously, Fashion have a great influence on people, and fashion trends can make people become the same. Clothing displays, expresses and forms individuality, and clothing can connect individuality with material reality. People of the same type often imitate each other, and they wear exactly the same clothes. Using clothing to express personal principles and tastes can often achieve many unexpected effects. This is really an important and convenient way. The instability and unpredictability in the fashion field often become the root cause of uncertainty in the dressing system . The examples discussed in this article are cross-cultural in most cases, so due to fashion phenomena and fashion, many people look alike.

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