Facebook Ready To Pay A Small UK Fine For The Analytica Scandal

Facebook Ready to Pay a Small UK Fine for the Analytica Scandal

Facebook is ready to pay for the breach in its data protection law has to pay a meager fine of GBP of 500,000. This incident is related to the Consultancy Cambridge Analytic for the data harvesting case. This information was provided by the information right regulator on Wednesday.

The CEO of FacebookMark Zuckerberg has to face a lot of questions from the US and EU lawmakers about the 87 million user’s data being obtained from a researcher.

There was a symbolic fine issue by the Information Commissioner’s Office last year in which the data from One million British users were amongst the data harvested at the Cambridge Analytica and it was used for some political purposes.

On Wednesday the information was revealed by the ICO office in which they agreed to pay the fine but they do not agree to the admission of liability.

One of the main concerns from ICO was that the data of the UK citizen that was exposed might cause them serious risk. One of the fundamental importance is the protection of personal privacy and personal information.

The Deputy Commissioner of ICO also said that they were happy that Facebook is taking some serious steps towards the protection of the users. It will also continue to take care of all the fundamental principles to provide complete protection of data.

Facebook has agreed on the settlement with the company but they also wished that the investigation was done thoroughly for the claims regarding Cambridge Analytica in 2015.

There were some major changes to the platform at Facebook and they significantly restrict the information provided on the app. The access to information for the developers was also restricted to improve the security on the platform.

As of now the top priority of  Facebook is to protect the personal information of people and provide them a safe environment.

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