Everyone wishes to trick Google algorithm to score good in the search engines!


However, have you ever thought that this could lead to severe penalties on your website?

What is Google algorithm?

A machine language that collects the data (input of the user) indexes web pages and displays the most relevant web search results. The algorithm helps in ranking the websites as per their content.

Why is Google algorithm so essential?

  1. House of keywords

When you type a query in the search box, Google algorithm stores this information and builds a house of keywords. These keywords are of great use for SEO optimization. If you want more information about SEO, you can contact an SEO company.

  1. Indexing

When you add your webpage with relevant keywords or details, Google sends the spiders or bots to crawl over your website and index it using the algorithm.

  1. Quality score

With the help of Google algorithm, it is easier to improve the page attributes like loading speed and ranking.

  1. Easy location

When there is a fake domain or website that spam’s other websites, Google algorithm reads and removes them immediately. Thus, these algorithms are a savior.

  1. Organic links

When you are looking for answers, you might have notice many organic links. These links are actually nothing but the algorithm search results derived by Google to simplify your queries.

What are grave consequences of cheating on Google algorithm?

  1. Reduction in score

If you have used unfair means of cheating the Google algorithm, it shall surely impose a penalty and decrease the amount of organic traffic to your site, which may cause a huge loss to you.

  1. Degradation in pages

If you have web pages with certain manipulations, the algorithm might force the page to degrade. Your rank would decrease significantly.

  1. Brand reputation at stake

Let us say you have a well-established company and you are making good profit out the ads at your page. If Google imposes a penalty on your website, your brand might lose its credibility and there would be a significant decrease in the organic traffic.

  1. Long term loss

Your company might lose complete track of its visions and goals. This might have a detrimental effect on your business. You will not be able to achieve your targets.

  1. Imposition of heavy fine

Incase your website has a ban on it; you might have to pay a huge amount of fine to Google. Thus, these algorithms act as website police that checks for manipulations.

What you need to do?

  1. Improve your website

Make it a point to focus on your website and work on it. Improve its page attributes.

  1. Quality content

Producing quality content can always lead to better chances of ranking. Make sure you optimize your website and include specific keywords. You can attract traffic that is more organic, Instead of violating Google algorithm.

  1. Focus on user experience

The more friendly and customer centric your website is, the better traffic you attract, the more satisfied the customers are. This is a chain like process. When you have a lot of website traffic, the Google algorithm automatically helps your website to shoot up the search engines. Thus make it a point to give the users a better experience.

  1. Build quality back links

Back links are the links that represent your website. Any user who clicks it shall visit your website. You need to make use of those back links to drive customers to your pages. Be aware of websites who might spam you or use your web pages in order to divert the traffic.

  1. Build graphics

You can create amazing info graphics, charts, and pictures to attract customers.

  1. Avoid excess transition elements

Please do not use excessive of transition materials in your website. It might decrease the user experience, which would not create a positive impact on Google algorithm.

  1. Follow guidelines

Even if you are an experienced website owner and have a great knowledge over Google tools, make sure you follow the guidelines before applying any sort of updates to your website.

  1. Avoid faulty tricks

When you are optimizing your website, avoid using faulty website tricks or creating private blog networks. If the Google search algorithm locates your techniques, it shall impose a ban over it.

  1. Identify loopholes

When you update your website, make sure you update fix the errors and add a sitemap that would help the Google spiders locate your website with ease.

  1. Avoid excessive updates

Google updates its feature from time to time, make sure you do not run and install every updates because some updates might show erroneous results on your website.


Everybody tries to rank their website at top SERPs but there are many fair means to achieve it instead of trying to cheat on Google algorithm, which is a serious offence. The best way to do this is to read and adhere to Google guidelines and set up your business accordingly.

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