Ensure the Safety of Your Action Figure From its Enemies

Action figures are trending, but many people don’t realize that safety is very important to keep them fresh and original. Many of their enemies like heat, dirt, moisture, and sunlight can spoil the beauty of action figures. Therefore, we will discuss the elements that may attack the action figures. We will also know the safety precautions required to keep action figures safe and sound in the action figure box.

Know About the Action Figure

An action figure is a plastic character representing something or someone special. It is a toy, model, plaything, hero, or puppet, depending on its features and representations. Boys and adults are the big collectors of these figures. Therefore, the marketing of these figures is pointed toward these people.

The Value of Action Figure

The popularity, uniqueness, features, appearance, and material are some important but not final checks to check the value of an action figure. The related character and brand also play an important role in deciding the value of an action figure. However, it depends on the personal perceptions of people about some action figures. Therefore, every action figure is valuable in someone’s eyes and strange for some people. 

The Biggest Enemies of Your Action Figure

Action figures can also show the signs of aging with time because many external factors act as enemies of these characters. They are made from some material that is not indestructible, and their paint can also be yellowed with time due to dust and moisture.

  • Heat

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Most action figures or their parts are made of plastic. Heat is the biggest enemy of plastic. Plastics are more vulnerable to the heat effect than iron to moisture. So, heat can easily spoil or damage the shape and beauty of an action figure. You must keep your action figure in high quality action figure box to keep it safe and sound.

  • Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust are also not good for your action figure because they can make your action figure ugly. Action figures have many curves and holes in their body, which are filled with dirt and dust. It makes your action figure seem less pleasant. However, dirt and dust do not cause any special damage to your action figures.

  • Humidity

Humidity is more dangerous than dirt for action figures. It can loosen the parts of your action figures. The paint, glue and many other materials used in preparing action figures can fall of due to constant humidity attacks. Therefore, it is suggested to keep your action figures away from water and don’t keep them in open places outside their boxes.

  • Sunlight

As stated above, heat is dangerous for the health of your action figure; direct sunlight can also play the same role. Constant direct sunlight transforms the heat in your action figure that weakens its various parts. So, keeping your action figures in boxes will not only save them from sunlight but also heat. 

How to Protect Your Action Figure From Its Enemies

You can increase your action figures’ life if you care properly. You must use high quality boxes to keep them safe and sound. However, we are not talking about hiding them forever. You can place them on the shelf, table, display box, or wherever you want. But, you need to be proactive to avoid any misadventure with your actionfigures, as explained below.

Place your action figure in the places where direct sunlight can’t affect your action figure. You can give a shadow to them or use any cloth to avoid any direct sunlight over them.

You can avoid the heat by placing action figures at normal room temperature. Don’t expose the action figures to the heat. Never put them in rooms where the temperature is always high. 

As mentioned before, it is also recommended to keep your action figures away from the humidity. You should use plastic storage container of high quality custom action figure packaging to avoid humidity. It is suggested that you should prefer zip-lock plastic boxes to provide better protection from humidity.

Lastly, it is an equally important step to avoid the attack of dust and dirt. However, if your action figures somehow get polluted with dirt, you don’t need to worry about it.  Use warm water to wash them and use toothbrush to clean the dirst and dust. Then, clean your action figure with a dry cloth and let it dry. 


Many external elements like heat, dust, and moisture can destroy the original shape of action figures. Therefore, high quality custom action figure packaging is necessary to keep them safe and sound.

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