E-commerce Pioneer Noureddine Khiti Speaking At European Summit


Conventionally, the locally well-known E-commerce guru Mr Noureddine Khiti rarely emerged in summits and conferences perhaps due to his ongoing mastermind groups whether in Europe or Africa. Yet, this time is a precious opportunity for people who seek to start off their online business, particularly E-commerce that is based on Cash On Delivery which is his primary field of interest, due to his online course about cash on delivery Ecom Warriors reviews we barely found a high satisfactory rate.

Codshopy CEO Noureddine Khiti will delivery a speech about the new era of Creative Branding and Influencers Marketing (TikTok, Instagram) also he will share a case study of million dollar paid ads free strategy, he is known for his organic strategies such as COD Assets where he demonstrates how he managed to bring sells for free via SMSing and email marketing.

Who Is Noureddine Khiti ? COD King As He Is Described By His Fans

Noureddine is a Moroccan serial entrepreneur, author and real estate promoter (RERA). “Rich Protein Vittles Galores” is among his English books which has been translated into French and Arabic. This book opens to Noureddine Khiti doors in the EU as he already obtained a fellowship to present it in Austria and Turkey as far as he sold roughly hundreds of versions and tens of signed versions along his European tour.


Is Noureddine successful only in authorship ? No, he also succeeded to ignite a revolution of E-commerce in his origin country Morocco by his iconic Ecom Warriors: Morocco which is considered the first as the biggest E-commerce community that is based on Cash On Delivery. Moreover, he built the best-selling course about Ecommerce in Morocco called Ecomwarriors.ma.

What Makes Noureddine Khiti So Idiosyncratic In His Field.

Noureddine is excessively innovative and creative, he innovated for the first time on the Internet Cash On Delivery Stores platform. As we used to work only with Dropshipping stores or advanced payments stores as the ones we see in Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce Etc … He created the first COD online stores in 2016 but it was slightly primitive and old school coded with native PHP, but in mid-2018 he radically rebranded the platform under the name of Codshopy with a considerable amount of new technologies and frameworks we as Indians are knowledgeable about.

Even though Noureddine Khiti is low-key and not filled with effervescence as the case with other influencers in his field. He plays a big role in developing local E-commerce whether in his country Morocco or Europe. And probably Indian markets as he denoted in his Instagram lately, he opted the Indian market to make the warehouse for his brands as his first Asian destination. Undoubtedly, the Indian market will get massive upgrades in CRMs and COD Softwares if Mr Noureddine Khiti starts building his Ecommerce career in it because his creative traces are still on the go whether in the Moroccan or European markets. At any rate, the event that Mr Noureddine will deliver a speech at is called Affiliate Grand Slam and it will be held in Malta on the 15th of November.

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