Dialect Challenge: The Yemeni Dialect With Hamza Hafed Sufyan, From The Most Viral Videos Of UAE


Life’s demanding situations aren’t purported to paralyze you, they’re supposed that will help you discover who you are. Only via contending with demanding situations that appear to be beyond your strength to address at the moment, you may develop more sincerely in the direction of the stars. I have usually grown from my troubles and demanding situations, from the things that don’t work out, that’s whilst I’ve sincerely learned.

It is a challenge video about dialect challenge, the Yemeni dialect with Hamza Hafed. Hamza is from the most famous comedians in UAE. He is known as a man who loves challenges. His challenge videos go viral in the UAE. He has more than 5 years of experience in comedy he is also a well-known humorist and actor.

Saudi Arabia YouTube Channel “Fahad Sal

Fahd Sal, a huge YouTube channel with 4.03M subscribers. The Fahd Sal YouTube channel is a great platform for reviewing different foods, different products, pets reviewing and Mr. Fahd Sal invited several YouTube users to create some competitive videos with him.

Dialect Challenge

Hamza Hafed Sufyan challenged a Saudi social media channel “Fahad Sal”, to explain the meaning of Yemeni words. Hamza had a lot of challenging Yemeni words that he asked Fahad Sal. Due to Hamza’s cleverness and well-played, people love this video and within a few months of its published, it received 3.3 Million views and more than 423,000 Likes.

In the video, Hamza Challenged his followers to make the video reach 350Thousands Likes which is very difficult as the highest likes in Fahd Sal’s channel was 250K back then. But the video overcome the expectations and reaches even more than 400 Thousands Likes.

The viewers of the Fahad Sal YouTube channel liked this video very much and they commented that this guy Hamza Hafed Sufyan is a very passionate guy he is playing very well. This video contained 27,989 plus Comments. It was from the most viral videos on Fahad Sal Social media channel.

The contest was like this, Hamza asked him the Yemeni word and Fahd had to explain the meaning of those words. But sometimes Hamza Hafed Sufyan would ask him a word that would make him wonder what kind of word it is. It would have been a very enjoyable time in the video. When Hamza finds out that he has not understood the meaning of the word so Hamza gave him some small tips. He would then immediately understand Hamza’s gestures and explain the meaning of the word Hamza asked. People enjoyed the situation so much that this video was very viral in the Middle East and people’s comments about Hamza’s acting and humor. If you also want to have fun with this Dialect Challenge, you can visit the Fahad Sal YouTube channel and watch Hamza’s best funny performance.

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