Desert safaris in Dubai: the magic of the desert


Desert Safari Dubai– one of our top recommendations for the UAE. Dubai has blossomed into a real place of longing for vacationers from all over the world in recent years. Travelers come because of the imposing skyline, the dreamy beaches. Because of the consistently good weather. To blow the savings on the head in the huge shopping malls or in the traditional souks. Or to be pampered in the luxury hotels. Those who undertake the trip to Dubai should not miss the desert tour. The huge dunes and the soft sand of the desert invite you to numerous unforgettable adventures.

What is a desert safari?

Another impressive world of the emirate is hidden behind the skyscrapers and the dazzling facades of Dubai. The call of the red desert can already be heard shortly behind the pompous mirror frames in Dubai’s city center. The deep tire tracks in the sand already reveal what vacationers can expect on a desert tour in Dubai. The engines roar as the SUVs slide down the hills at high speed and the sand swirls through the air.

The adrenaline rushes through the veins of tourists who are longingly looking for one adventure after another. But not only adventurers get their money’s worth on the desert tours in Dubai. Animal lovers, gourmets, or romantics – the Dubai desert has an adventure in store for everyone. Whether BBQ in the Bedouin tour, quad biking, Sandboarding, or fabulous fire shows with an apple shisha in the desert sand. The Dubai desert has all of this in store for you.

The best desert tours in Dubai

In addition to explosive trips with the off-road vehicle, vacationers can visit a traditional Bedouin village during the safari through Dubai’s desert, ride a camel through the desert, or experience the desert world on the sandboard. In some camps, quads are also available with which you can maneuver yourself through the high dunes.

Do you risk one or the other daring descent? For a special end to the experience far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, dinner is served around the campfire in many desert camps. There is fresh meat from the BBQ grill and dance and fire artists under the starry sky.

Jeep safari with sandboarding and camel rides

If you want to experience the full program in the desert, opt for the all-rounder among the safaris. After you have been picked up directly at your hotel by most tour operators, you start your desert adventure. First you chase up and down the high dunes with the Land Rover with all-wheel drive, which can get pretty choppy.

On the way you make a little stop and switch from the Land Rover to the sandboard. Now you learn to ride the red dunes before the sun slowly sets behind the dunes. You can also look forward to great photos of the sunset in the desert before you end the evening in the Bedouin camp.

Here you can not only ride camels. In addition, a great grill buffet, Arabic snacks and drinks, shishas and many small shows await you here. All-inclusive, If, on the other hand, you are not into the full tourist program in the camp, you can also book the shorter tour and drive straight back to the hotel after sunset.

Quad bike safari for active people

Would you rather drive yourself than sit in the back seat of the Land Rover? In short, on the quad bike safari you drive into the desert in the usual jeeps, but from here you have to saddle up and drive yourself. Together with your guide, you will drive the agile quads through the spectacular desert landscape around Dubai. Previous knowledge not absolutely necessary.

depositphotos 26355991 stock photo buggy car in desert safari

 Equipped with the necessary equipment and after a detailed safety briefing, you can race along the exciting dunes. Perfect for adrenaline junkies. To get your pulse down again, you finally drive towards the camp during sunset, where BBQ, drinks, shisha, and entertainment are waiting for you.

Desert safari with an overnight in camp

In search of an unforgettable desert experience, you end your day in the desert after dune bashing in the jeep, sandboarding, barbecue buffet, etc. at the campfire and you can also look forward to a special night in the Lahbab desert.

Under the night-black sky with the brightly shining stars, you can listen to the stories by the fire and finally spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent. In the morning before sunrise, you ride camels into the desert and experience possibly the most incredible desert panorama with the rising sun. The smell of Arabian coffee draws you back to camps and after a hearty Arabian breakfast, you then head back to Dubai.

Premium safari with VIP service

The Desert Safari in Dubai are of course available in all price ranges. Currently, prices for a day in the desert start at just under € 20. The more money you are willing to take in hand, the more varied the experience becomes. On the inexpensive tours, you are often out and about in larger groups and share the jeeps and Land Rovers with other people. In addition, the camps are correspondingly large and less authentic.

If you opt for a premium safari, you can look forward to an authentic day in the desert in a small group. Basically, all activities in the desert are already included in the price of the expensive tours and you can look forward to the appropriate service in the camp. On the so-called premium safaris, the camps are therefore usually a bit smaller and the facilities are much better. Accordingly, these tours are much more relaxed and authentic.

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