COVID Update: Your Whole Company Is Going Digital. What You Need To Know To Work From Home


Due to COVID pandemic, we are forced to practice social distancing. Hence, we cannot commute to work and work from our workplaces as we did before. Instead, we are forced to work from our homes. In order to cater to that, companies are going digital. This will change the way on how we work as well.

While embracing the digital transformation, there are some important tips, which you should keep in your mind. Then you will be able to get the best possible returns at the end of the day. Here are some valuable lessons that you need to know about working from home.

Setting up an appropriate workspace

The very first thing you should do when working from home is to set up an appropriate workplace. It should be a place that can help you to work on your responsibilities without facing any distractions. While setting up an appropriate workspace, we only focus on the basics. If you ignore the specific details, there is a high possibility for you to miss out certain things. That’s why you need to pay special attention towards specific details as well.

For example, you need to take a look at the wattage of the light bulb that you have in your room. In addition to that, you should also check the alignment of your monitor. These small things can heavily contribute towards the productivity that you can ensure while working from home.

If you are living in a one-bedroom apartment or a studio, you will not be able to find a dedicated office room to work. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to work productively. You just need to make appropriate changes to the environment, so that you will be able to work without facing any distractions.

Learn how to remain productive and engaged

You need to make sure that you remain productive and engaged while working from home. CandCsearch says that this is where communication will play a major role. You should overly communicate while working from home. You will need to come up with appropriate methods to communicate in the most efficient manner. For example, you can create group chats with your team. Then you can discuss with everyone and remain mindful about productivity. You will also need to make sure that you bring out complete awareness about every single task that has to be completed. Then you will be able to get more work done. These results will be better than what you can achieve while working from office.

There is high possibility for you to take your TV remote and enjoy a good show in the middle of the day. All of us get such temptations. You need to have self-control, where you don’t create a negative impact on your productivity because of them.

Set up a schedule and stick to it

It is extremely important for you to set up a schedule for working from home. Then you will need to stick to that schedule at all times. You need to have clear guidelines from the schedule as well. It will also provide a great assistance to you with maintaining work life balance.

You will spend time with your family members after you come home from work. However, now you might feel that you are working till late hours. This happens to you because you have not set up a schedule. That’s why it is important for you to set up a schedule.

There are some time tracking apps, which can deliver all the support and assistance to you with setting up a schedule. Rescue Time is a perfect example for such an app. You will be able to use the app and verify whether you are sticking to the schedule that you have created or not. If not, you need to figure out the reasons that keep you away from the schedule. This kind of an app can also provide much-needed assistance to you with figuring out which days you are most productive as well.

Set up ground rules with other people at your home

You will come across numerous challenges from the other people who stay with you at home. In order to make sure that your work is not impacted from them, you will need to go ahead and set up ground rules with them.You should pay special attention towards this when you have kids. You need to clearly communicate the kids that you are working from home. Then your kids will not distract you while you are in the middle of a meeting.

You will also have to take good care of the pets while working from home. However, it is better if you can delegate that responsibility with another person at home. You should also divide up all the domestic work that you have to do on a daily basis. Then you can make sure that your productivity will not be impacted. This will help you to deliver the best to your work and make sure that you complete them effectively.

Take breaks

Most of the people who start working from home forget to take breaks. You should not do this mistake. If you work too hard without even taking breaks, there is a high possibility for you to get exhausted. It will also result in the build-up oi stress within your mind. You should not allow this to happen. That’s why you need to take breaks. You can take one full hour for your lunch. Likewise, you should take one 15-minute break in the morning and another 15-minute break at the evening. This will help you to work without facing any exhaustion.

Final words

Focus on these things and allow your company to go digital during the time period. Then you will be able to play your role and contribute heavily towards the success of your company in the future.

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