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Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing is one of the hottest new age debates we often face. Although, on the other hand, technology heads give the most obvious reason to use digital marketing quickly, why digital marketing is clearly more effective than traditional marketing. Business leaders who works at conferences, on the other hand, are more successful, which justifies traditional business. Before we look at this argument, we need to understand the most important difference.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to traditional ways of promoting a brand. This includes advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards, brochures, billboards, etc. Traditional marketing also includes online marketing. In its most basic sense, traditional advertising companies online means a systematic effort to promote a brand without online channels. Traditional online media are mostly channels used by brands to promote their brands.

Traditional marketing tools include e.g.

1. Printing business

2. Media marketing

3. Recommended company

4. Ascites and gout

5. Book trade

Let’s look at some examples of traditional marketing:

India’s leading brand A Vicks has launched a Touch of Care campaign. The ad shows the relationship between a daughter and her transgender mother. This ad went viral because it struck an emotional chord with the audience.

B. Pigeon came up with the idea of ​​giving free samples to morning papers in the mid-2000s. This strategy really helped the brand gain popularity. This branding strategy completely worked against the brand.

What is digital marketing?

As the name suggests, digital marketing refers to the marketing of a product using online platforms. It’s all about how a brand manages its online reputation. Brand customization acts as its backbone. Without a doubt, the biggest media is the internet. Sub-channels include websites, blogs, social media and others. Digital marketing involves a complex one-step process.

Tools include

1. Facebook Marketing

2. Digital campaigns

3. Search engine optimization

4. Information marketing

5. Effect of marketing

Let’s look at some examples of digital marketing:

Kit Kat has been very successful with its influencer marketing strategy. Their challenge on, where contestants lip-synced to a new jingle, was daring. Because of this, Kit Kat’s brand image is very popular.

B. Kellogg launched its digital campaign on the Netflix Stranger Things service. In the series, we saw Eleven’s obsession with Kellogg’s Ego waffles. This online ad includes storytelling elements and offers many desired effects for the brand itself.

Who should I contact?

Market conditions reflect current competition. In these cases, both online and offline presence is important. While efficiency and maintaining an impressive online reputation are critical, maintaining a strong online presence is just as important.

Although there are different techniques, both traditional and digital marketing use the same approach. The marketing mix, the backbone of the marketing strategy that includes price, product, place and promotion, is the key to traditional and digital marketing. Therefore, the right marketing strategy should be the right combination of traditional marketing and digital marketing. While SEO, SMM, etc. are great ways to reach people’s computer screens, there is a world that can be reached through elements of traditional marketing.

As you can see, the company can be managed very well.

 These are projects that require advice and professional support. When done right, website marketing can have a huge impact, generating significant revenue for your target brand.

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