Checklist For Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Checklist For Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Every Year when an area is hit by a flood and the clean up of floodwater is not being done yet,. many individuals wish to go back to their homes and buildings to live a normal life yet again and they start rebuilding. The underlying issue is that woods that were submerged in water absorb a large amount of water and rebuilding quickly after the flood can cause many issues such as insect infestations, mold growth and deterioration of wall coverings and the woods present. Rebuilding is not easy because flood water is not at all clean and that is why porous building materials and pipes have to be replaced with different and new materials. As per Top Water Damage Restoration San Diego as well as plumbing experts . We have gathered a checklist for water restoration and cleanup.


There are some cautious points that individuals must keep in mind before starting Restoration:

Inspection of electrical and structural damage from outside should be done to make sure it is safe enough to enter the premises 

Individuals should not take electric safety lightly as it is very important in floods. You will have to check for gas leaks and sire hazards if any and for doing so using battery operated lights will be better

l Keep in mind to never mix chlorine bleach with vinegar or ammonia

l Wearing sturdy shoes. Eyes protection kit and rubber gloves are very crucial 

l Since the flood took place, you will have to stay aware and protected from ants, snakes and other such animals 

l If you notice that is mold is present then you will have to wear a respirator that will help in filtering out the spores 

Since you are aware of the cautions that must be taken care of, we will move on to further steps that are to be done. 


The best thing to do at first is to make sure that everyone is out of danger and are safe from further uncalled situations. You will have to address that everything that has touched flood water will be contaminated. 

Claim your Flood Insurance Right Away 

In case you are someone who has flood insurance being done then it is time to contact the insurance assistant. For taking insurance, you will have to do the following thing:

  • After you get cleaned up, dry yourself as soon as you can and do not wait for the assistant to visit you. If your or anyone’s phone or camera is safe and working then click photos that can be used as inventory
  • The house can be a mess and that mess might hide many heavy damages being done. It will be better to clean the house so that highlighted damaged parts will be seen by the assistant 
  • Damaged materials will have to be kept for proof of damage 
  • Further information should be taken from Government Offices 
  • Once the damage has been addressed, the owner will have to sign a proof regarding the same and additional damage can also be added in future 

Electrical System 

You will have to make sure that all gas appliances and electric appliances are turned off before entering the premises for the first time after the flood. It will be better to have an electrician or an expert for checking the grounds and if it is safe to step in right away. 

Water and Food Sanitation 

When you type ‘find water damage San Diego’, you will get aware of the situation that occurs because of the flood. When a flood occurs, water gets contaminated and it is not safe to use that water for drinking, washing, cooking or even for bathing. Individuals will have to keep in mind that unless local water companies and public health departments do not declare the water source present after the flood to be safe for use, the use should be strictly avoided.  Here are some points that you should keep in mind in these situations:


Straining of water with the help of a clean cloth or filter ( if available ) will be required. After this, the water must be boiled vigorously ( if devices are available ) and if boiling is an impossible task then consider using fresh unscented liquid chlorine bleach and stir, then keep the water still for at least 30 minutes. Experts  say that you must not add iodine and any other tables that are used for purifying normal water.


Floods will not leave your food uncontaminated. Foods that are not damaged, wet, are prepared and are packed in cans or pouches can be consumed but after being sanitized. 

l Remove the labels as they can be in touch with contaminated water 

l Wash and rinse them thoroughly 

l Disinfect them via sanitizing solution containing bleach 

l Do not forget to mention expiry dates on the cans once again


Some walls might not seem damaged but for the prevention from odor, mold and structural decay in the meantime some steps should be followed 

l Removing water from the walls is important, ventilation will help

l Baseboards must be removed and holes can be made in uninsulated walls for water drain 

l Wet and insulations are seem fibrous must be removed 

l Cleaning the mud from the flood on the walls is important. Clean the walls with disinfectant 

l Do not let the walls get too much humid

l Replace the current materials with flood-resistant materials for safety 


Apart from the initial steps, long term flooding or wetness will ruin most of the interior and other appliances. Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup can not be handled in a very fair manner when you are not a specialist and there is more to be done than one can think of. When the flooding is short, there are many temporary and permanent adjustments that are to be done including throughout cleanup to make sure that no one will catch any kind of disease because of the contamination that might occur. 

We will help you in restoring your home and office place in such situations. Our  experts will make sure that you will be able to rise again after the uncalled calamity. 

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