Can Lack Of Intimacy Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?


Whatever the meaning of intimacy is, for a man it is an essential part of being physically attached to someone. For a man intimacy is sharing physical space, and getting intimated from time to time. A man goes into intimacy to have physical relations. A woman may not look at intimacy in this way. For them physical relations may or may not be part of the intimacy.

From the medical point of view a man without a partner or someone to share feelings and love often faces certain physical and mental issues. The obvious one is feeling isolated and rejected by people and second is lack of social connections, which every human being craves as a social animal. It has been observed that a man, who is without a partner or without being in intimate relations, often faces problems in erection issues. Is this because of lack of physical relations or not feeling excited enough about being intimate? Let us find out.

Lack of Intimacy was the sole cause of erectile issue in older males

A study was conducted in Finland for five years to understand the role of intimacy in the lives of older males over. It concluded that males with partners were able to retain the physical relations in their lives even in their 60s. And males who were without a partner saw decline in their capacity to indulge in physical relations. In other words, those who were having intimacy in their relationships were able to get erection with normal physical stimulation, than males who have no intimacy in their lives. Here, we are relying on the fact that for many males, the greater majority in fact, intimacy involves physical relations.  

Medical experts also believed that medically, males who are active in their physical relations are less likely to face erectile issues in their lives. Even at a younger age, a male without a partner or long term relations may face erection issues, if he avoids getting physical with strangers.  And this fact assumes greater significance in males as they age. This is again due to another human trait that it is emotional sharing and caring that nourishes intimacy. This intimacy later ensures a highly satisfied intimation level touching both emotional and physical aspects.

Intimacy cuts the risk of causes behind erectile dysfunction

Apart from physical causes, there are mental and emotional causes behind erection problems. Being loved helps a male to feel excited about, which in turn leads to better stimulation of mind. A stimulated mind creates conditions for an erection process to take place. Mind sends neurotransmitters to the central nervous system to trigger blood flow towards the pelvic area. Without involvement of mind, stimulation cannot take place. Doctors of suggest stimulation after prescribing dose for erection boosting.

The high intimacy level automatically makes it easy to get enough excitement for a smooth erection process even without boosting medicines. The problem of slow erection is a normal problem in 50s and 60s. Doctors prescribe buying Cialis 60 mg online to overcome it. It is a smaller issue compared to the lack of urge and excitement. Without the joy in life a man may get depressed enough to lose interest in pleasurable things including physical relations.

Being in isolation without a partner or without being loved also creates emotional crises in a man. It can impact the erection process since a depressed mind hardly relaxes. A stressed out body and mind are not ideal partners in living an enriched life with the partner. Even after using Sildenafil citrate 120 mg , a depressed man will never get an erection. This is why a relaxed mind and body matters in later stages of life, when high testosterone levels cannot give a strong erection.

At the end, the study mentioned that men in good relations also have comparatively good health and emotional status. The chances of such males suffering from early onset of erectile dysfunction are dim.

So, frequent erection ensures that the erection process remains intact. And it makes it easy for such a man to get the necessary degree of erection whenever the need arises. Medical studies and personal experience of men with long term relations and healthy physical relations revealed this fact.


It has been established that being in intimate relations helps you deal better with physical and emotional nature of your relations. It also protects the mental and emotional health and helps to retain the normal erection process. At the end, it depends on whether to use it or lose its principle.

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