Business Lessons Walter White from Breaking Bad Taught Us

Walter White

Breaking Bad is one of the most well-scripted shows that not only teaches us great life lessons, but the basic lessons on the dos and don’ts of a business as well. Apart from that, Walter White’s character is one of the best and most well developed characters we have come across on TV. Being a chemistry school teacher turned bad, we learn a lot of business lessons from Walter White. Before we start, if you haven’t watched the show yet, then you should do it ASAP! Get one of the CenturyLink internet plans and enjoy the show! Some of the business lessons that we came across in this TV show are mentioned below.

Follow Your Passion

When it comes to the first and most important business lesson taught, Walter White is one of those people who finally finds his passion and starts working on it regardless of his age and circumstances. Walter realizes his passion to be his own self when he gets diagnosed with cancer. When he learns from Hank, how people earn from drugs, Walter uses it as an excuse to be doing it for family, when in reality, being a chemistry teacher Walter falls in love with his Meth making formula. We see it several times in the show from the start until the end, how Walter is crazy about his product and the complete process. He is passionate about chemistry and after Gray Matter, he loves his new business where he can be himself completely.

Be The Brand

Well, apart from the basic business advice, I think one of the greatest business advices is that one should always make themselves a brand. When you have a product that no one else in the market can provide, create your own hype and make yourself renowned. When the blue meth made by Walter takes round all over the world, the world goes crazy. Knowing that he is only one who knows the formula, Walter White brands himself as Heisenberg. This way, every single person who knows the blue meth all over the world, knows the name of the maker. Being a businessperson, this works in a way that, when people know your name in the market, your name sells. This way people can easy reach out to you for business.

Be Careful With Who You Do Business With

When it comes to making business deals, we are sure you are not thinking of selling drugs. Well, when Walter made business deals, he gets stuck with the wrong kind of people that lead him into taking desperate measures. While we know what we saw was an extreme form of ‘wrong people’, even in normal circumstances, it is very important to build boundaries, and know your partners beforehand. When you don’t know the other person before doing business with them, they can turn out to be bad for you. While a lot of people might have been bad for Walter, Walter was himself bad for Gustavo, as well as Jesse Pinkman.

Quality Matters

When it comes to business, specifically in a product based business, quality comes before everything. When we see this TV show we see at a lot of instances where Walter insists upon the quality of his product. When Jesse makes meth, Walter tells him how to improve the quality, and quality is what takes them as far as they get. So, when you have a good quality product, it can be taken much far.

Never Work In a Contaminated Studio

When you have a product based business, and you are the one who prepares it, such as Walter White, we suggest working in a clean environment. Cleanliness is a prerequisite in all cases, and we learned this from the episode called ‘Fly’. Walter made sure he could get rid of the fly in the studio or he would not work. While it seemed obsessive, caring about your production plant’s sanitary conditions is important. We see how much Walter keeps his plant and equipment clean and that is exactly what makes his product special. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad and can’t relate with the episodes, we suggest watching it now. For good TV and Internet Packages we suggest checking TV and internet service providers at You will be able to find ISPs according to your region, budget, and your preferences, so that you can watch your favorite TV shows any time you want.

Always Have a Lawyer

When you do business, and a business this big, make sure you hire a lawyer. When you have a good lawyer at your back, they can help you come out of almost any situation. Well, when it comes to lawyers, we often underestimate their capabilities to get us out of difficult situations. In Breaking Bad, the lawyer Saul Goodman helps a lot people on the run, escape and have a new life with a new identity. Saul Goodman even helps Walter with the smallest of problems. So, having a lawyer can be like a having a friend you pay to bring up quick solutions for your problems.

You Can Always Bring Theory to Life

When we see Walter White in the show’s first episode, we never think that this guy could do something so huge. Well, after staying a chemistry teacher for almost all his life, when he does break bad, Walter White brings his chemistry theories to life. From creating his iconic pure blue meth to being able to kill with ricin, Walter brought all his theories to life and the best part is that none of it was fake or unrealistic, people just haven’t tried these.

Invest Back

When Jesse and Walter got their first shares, Jesse wanted to go party with his money, while Walter was the one thinking about investing and making their business big. Their first payments and then taking their business to one step ahead at a time is what teaches us that doing business takes time and it also takes time to grow it.

All in All

While there are several other lessons that we learn from this TV show, we think Walter White teaches us a lot throughout all seasons and all episodes. To enjoy the show in its finest form and without buffering, be sure to subscribe to a reliable service provider like Xfinity. With Xfinity, if you have any issues regarding buffering or anything else, you can reach out to them at the Xfinity customer service number for assistance.

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