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To work fastly, securely, and accurately, millions of professionals and businesses use Mac systems at homes and offices. The large organizations invest a heavy amount for the betterment of their business. Likewise, people use Mac at home to accomplish their important tasks smartly and reliably. 

Technologies like Mac help us improve the productivity of our loved ones and employees. People think that this device is much more secure, and no one can reach to their data. Without any fear, people do inappropriate activities on Mac, which affects their physical and mental health as well. 

As technologies create problems for us similarly, it also provides us with a solution. To track what’s going on any Mac, TheOneSpy (Spy software) is the best that empowers us to monitor all activities in real-time. TOS offers a Mac spying app, a complete solution for Mac-related problems. Let’s discuss it deeply to know how it is the best one. 

TheOneSpy Mac Spying App 

When it becomes harder to measure any individual employee productivity, businesses move towards technology to measure one’s productivity level accurately. Likewise, parents want to monitor kids always because they cannot track them in real. To measure the exact time, spend by the targeted person on mac, a user can use TOS unique features to get history with exact time stamps. 

Usually, parents who go for spy technology, they are working people. They don’t have enough time to monitor kids all the time, so they use best spying apps like TOS Mac spy to keep a sharp eye on their kids. Employers can also monitor the surrounding view and voices to watch and listen to what’s going there. 

Besides providing reliable information, TOS also serves users with extra services. TOS provides a 24-hour customer support service and free technical service as well. It also offers a money-back guarantee and discounts on all plans and packages at a different time. Here, we will look at TOS advance spying features for Mac monitoring. 

Features of TOS for Mac Spying 

TOS powerful tools give prior knowledge of upcoming dangers and enable the user to rely on the information. TOS provides all Mac-compatible apps, such as for MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro as well. 

  • Mac MIC Bug 

MIC bug allows the user to spy on targeted Mac MIC to listen to the surrounding voices. With the MIC bug, a user can listen to surrounding gossip, whispering and tone of communication as well. It also allows users to record surrounding voices and make history automatically. A user can get a history from an online account with an exact timestamp of conversation. 

  • Mac Camera Bug 

TheOneSpy Mac spying package also includes Camera bug which spies on the camera of targeted Mac. It empowers the user to watch live surrounding and capture a photo of any inappropriate thing on a single click. 

  • Mac Screen Recording 

With a Mac screen recorder, a user can send a command of automatic recording. This unique feature records all or any required activity in short videos. After recording TOS transfer all videos at user online dashboard, so a user could monitor any time. 

  • Mac Key Logger 

Through Mac Key Logger, a user can spy on all key logs applied by the targeted person. Users can get access to all keystrokes either of a messenger, email or of any other social account. 

  • Website Blocking 

It helps users to block any inappropriate site on demand. Like when a user sees that a targeted person is frequently visiting any harmful content-based website, so the user only needs to send a command of blocking that website. 

  • Mac Screenshot Taker 

TOS screenshot taker helps a user to take an instant screenshot of useless or inappropriate activity performed by the targeted person. After taking a screenshot, TOS automatically deliver them to the online dashboard of the user. 

  • Sync Settings 

It is a control key for activation or deactivation of the features. A user can get access features through an online cloud account. 


After reviewing the TOS Mac spying app, we found that it is the best app for 2020. TOS advanced and powerful features for Mac spying enable a user to get remote and secret access over the targeted device and perform stealth mode operation. In the future, TOS will bring more innovative features for Mac spying.

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