Best Cost-Effective Ways for Fixing a Slab Leak

Slab Leak

Slab leaks are very common and need an immediate course of action to reduce the extent of damage to the property and plumbing infrastructure. If you are looking for slab leak repair in Orange County , visit here. In this article, we will be discussing the different causes of slab leaks and some very common and effective ways to fix the slab leaks promptly.

What are the Causes of a Slab Leak?

1. Expansion of the soil

The soil shift could cause more harm than ever anticipated. The slab leaks happen very often in geographical locations where the solid shifts are very rampant. The swelling and then immediate shrinking of the soil could change the soil texture and create more cracks and leaks eventually resulting in the slab leak. The movement of the soil under the foundation can potentially damage water pipes. The water from the leaking lines can then cause the ground to shift further, triggering a chain reaction that may go unnoticed for some time. For the Best slab leak repair Lake Forest contact here.

2. Poor construction

The installation of the pipes and structures could also be a major reason for the slab leaks. If the pipes are bent or dented while installing, there are higher chances for the water to leak through creating an accumulated water in the concrete. Adding to this is the use of different plumbing materials that could affect the water leaks. Corrosion and abrasion of some metals could eventually lead to slab leaks. Use of any corrosion resistant materials might work in their favor.

3. Abrasion

The pipeline structures could be subjected to more friction and this could lead to expansion and then reduction of the pipes and eventually forming cracks through which water could leak outside. Other factors that may cause slab leaks include growing tree roots, earthquakes, soil erosion, or an underground stream.

4. Water composition

This is a very important component that needs to be taken care of. The comparison of the water flowing through these pipes needs to be checked. The pH of the water if below 7 is usually acidic and could lead to corrosion and similar is the case with alkaline water. So make sure the chemical components of the water are kept in the medium and are not accelerating any leaks on themselves. Slab leaks are silent foundation killers. You must be able to recognize signs whether there is a brewing problem below the foundation of your home or not.

What are some signs that indicate a slab leak?

1. Finding water spots on the floor and carpets

2. The presence of some gaps in the wall and flooring

3. Finding water stains, bubbles on the flooring

4. Increase in the number of molds, mildew in some areas of the home

5. The cracks in walls, foundation

How to fix the slab leak?

1. jack hammering

You could call in a professional plumber who could jackhammer the slab in the concrete and replace it in time. The slab leaks need to be fixed immediately and this option is very minute and to the point.

2. Trench less repair

The trench less plumbing repair is a very point demolition and is opted for when you need sudden attention and an affordable one. The coordinator would be creating holes in the slabs and then dealing with the repair. It is the most non-destructive method available, and it isn’t as costly as the traditional methods which are used to repair the slab leaks. If you are looking for slab leak repair orange countyr, click here. There is the use of epoxy pipe liners that could seal the pipe that is broken. If trench less repair is viable, the first step is to clean the pipe, then place the epoxy pipe liner and inflate it, and then leave it to get better. The entire process is completed in just a few hours.

3. Re piping of the pipeline structure

This is basically used when you could change the leaky pipes and replace them immediately to curb the slab leaks.Re-routing pipes are usually done by the demolition of the pipes under your floors and inside of the walls that are also replaced. This is the best solution if you only have to replace a small number of pipes and the work is minimal. This is exhilarating and takes more time depending totally on the efficiency of the contractor or the intensity of the leak. Since it may involve breaking through the slab, you might need to leave your home and stay somewhere else while the work is completed. For the Best slab leak repair Lake Forest is here.

4. Tunneling of the slab

Tunneling is usually done when the flooring is too expensive to trench through. Since the repair crew usually keeps the mess out of your home, so that you could stay in during the entire repair process. There is digging of working tunnels under the home concrete and then keeping the structural integrity of the home. Looking for slab leak repair in Orange county you could click here.

How much time it usually takes to fix the slab leaks?

Slab leak repair usually takes more than 3 days on an average to get better and fixed. But the right amount of time cannot be predicted beforehand as every issue might have different intensity of a hole. Even the method used to treat the slab leaks are components that would add to the time taken. Added to this are regular detection of the leaks which would need prompt actions eventually.

These are the different causes of slab leaks that occur in the plumbing lines. The geographical location and other natural phenomena too affected the overall intensity and frequency of the slab leaks, but the basic reasons are discussed here in the article. The way to fix the slab leaks is also mentioned so that there is an understanding for you. Every slab leak problem needs a separate tactic to be cured for.

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