Bahati Hassani Rising Instagram Fashion Model

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In the age of social media, it seems like everyone is modelling. Many even improvise micro-influencers, because it’s a world where the image is at the centre of everything. The modelling profession has existed for a long time in the world of fashion and, unless you are part of the industry, it is difficult to know the reality of its protagonists. Being a model is like being the centre of attention. Even if their work is to highlight clothes or accessories, it is still their face and their body that are put forward. To learn more about this profession, we spoke to Bahati Hassani, a 21-year-old model who has been working in the business for a few years. The emergence of social networks has turned the way of doing things in the modelling industry upside down and influences many young people who dream of making their place in the sun.

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Bahati Hassani is a freelance model – that is, not represented by an agency. The 21-year-old young woman has tried to find one, but has encountered, for the moment, refusals. She still managed to get small contracts with brands and designers. The one for whom the ultimate dream would be to “be on the cover of Vogue ” does not give up and tries to make her mark by using social networks, Instagram – her “business card” – in the foreground. She shares her selfies and photos, often from “creatives”, a term used when artists (photographers, models, make-up artists) often novices gather, without being paid, in order to fill their portfolio.

The life of a social media influencer may seem glitzy and glamorous, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that we might not see, Bahati was born in the country of Burundi in 2000. In the first five years of her life, she had to live through a violent civil war in her home country, which started way back in 1993 due to the longstanding ethnic divisions between two groups.Fortunately, she escaped Burundi and settled in Australia in 2005. However, leaving her home country didn’t mean leaving behind all the miseries. Bahati was yet to face a more personal setback in her teenage years. Hassani joined this social media platform in August 2020. And in less than 2 years, she has already achieved a following of around 10,000 followers from across the world. She is an Australian rising star who is doing wonders in whatever she chooses. Be it a flight attendant, an Instagram model, or a mother, Bahati Hassani is taking on each role with utmost seriousness and perfection. she believes that everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait. She will continue to do what she loves whether she get paid or not. There are creative projects she wants to be part of because it’s free publicity. It’s happened to every model starting out. What you want is your face to be exposed, to be recognized.

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