All the Eyelash Extension Equipment that a Technician Must Have

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It’s hard to know which eyelash extension equipment to get when you are starting out as an eye beauty professional. The brands offer a large number of tools and gadgets, each equally attractive. It can be tricky to discern what is needed from what is accessory when it comes to getting started.Do not panic! Elleebana lash extension supplieshas put together a list of must-have eyelash extension equipment. Thus, you will be able to start your activity in peace. Once you gain experience, you can then add other tools to your starter kit.

Eyelash preparation


Hygiene is paramount! Impossible to embark on the profession of eyelash extension technician without understanding its importance.You will therefore need to obtain disinfectant wipes for your work tools. The first and last step in the laying process is the intensive cleaning of the utensils you are reusing. Two-phase make-up remover No matter how muchyou tell your clients to come cleansed; some will forget or will not have time. This is why a handy two-phase makeup remover will always prove useful, especially for waterproof makeup.Why two-phase? The mixture of oil and water dissolves even the most stubborn makeup. The aqueous phase helps to gently remove the make-up, without attacking the skin.

Micellar water

Once the makeup is removed, you will need to rinse the two-phase and clean the eye area. Warning: removing makeup does not mean cleaning. Micellar water gets rid of impurities on the skin and residues of the makeup remover. Note that micellar water may be sufficient if your client is not wearing waterproof makeup.

Your client’s skin and eyelashes are now well cleansed!

The Cleansing Foam for eyelashes and extensions

Shampoo is an essential product in the preparation of the eyelash. While the make-up removal will have removed the impurities from the eye, the shampoo will concentrate on the fiber of the eyelash. It eliminates excess sebum from the ends to the roots.You will need elongated sticks to clean each lash with the greatest precision.


The question often comes up: is the primer really essential?

At Elleebana lash extension, it is! The primer will not only optimize your exposure time, but also ensure the longevity of the extensions. It is therefore as profitable for you as it is for your client.Disposable micro-brushes are used for this to apply the primer to the entire eyelash.


The role of the adhesive patch is to isolate the row of lower lashes and stabilize the eyelid to prevent blinking of the eyes during application.Go for lint-free patches that won’t pilling. Lint would be a nightmare because it stuck your tweezers and can get into your eye and stick to your eyelash extension.Also have aside some premium patches with collagen or Q10 which remarkably reduce wrinkles. The client will be even more delighted with the beautification of her eyes!

White and transparent plaster

The adhesive plaster is the patch assistant. It is there to keep it in place the small rebellious eyelashes and to prevent the patches from slipping.

Felt Marker

A marker-type pen helps outline the lash lengths on the patch. It also serves as a guide when applying eyelash extensions.Instead, opt for a permanent marker that will not dissolve throughout the session.Small Tip: Take the red so that your line contrasts with the natural colour of the eyelashes.

Bottle brushes

The brushes also called “mascara brushes” are used to brush and discipline the eyelashes before, during and after application.

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