A Hooman’s Guide to Transforming a Stray Cat’s Life!

A Hooman’s Guide to Transforming a Stray Cat’s Life!

Stray cats are fur babies who once lived indoors. They have considerable experience with socialization and have had some interaction with humans in the past. But now their lives have changed. These cats may have been abandoned, left home, or lost owners. In any case, they are left to fend for themselves with little hope of being rescued.

A stray cat won’t become feral if it regularly comes in contact with the human lot. If you have come across a stray cat, you can probably entice it with food. Once it gets over its fear, you may be able to pat it until your heart’s content. Nevertheless, if you want to take it home remember that you must take it to the vet initially to check its medical condition and see whether it has a microchip (which means it may be someone else’s lost cat).

Once the vet gives you the OK and a health clearance or course of action to nurture the munchkin, you may cheerfully welcome it home! First, however, you must also contemplate buying pet health insurance, so your furball gets easy access to excellent medical care in times of sickness. The best pet insurance helps you manage your pet expenses and also guards its wellbeing.

We know adopting a stray cat is easier said than done. The foremost thing to do, to get to a point where the cat comes effortlessly to you, is – gain the stray cat’s trust! Read on to know how to assure a stray cat that visits your door.

Cultivate patience

You need to develop a massive quantum of patience, generosity, and compassion when the kitty comes around your home. You need to stay calm, so the stray kitty gets over its reluctance and inhibitions and mellows down.

Address kitty’s hunger

Stray cats struggle to find meals every day. They are hungry and look for food sources. You may place a food dish along with a water bowl in the place you spotted the creature. Take care you keep it in the same spot and daily, so the stray cat comes to feed on it.

You may observe from a window or hide by a corner to check if the kitty is returning to eat. Through this act, it is pretty easy to win the kitty’s heart.

Provide a haven

Stray cats are stressed about not having a place to live. They are on the move and find it tough to survive extreme weather. Now, you can leave a cat shelter/home outdoors so the stray kitty can sneak in when it’s too hot/cold/raining outside. If you can afford it, you may even purchase the thermo versions that keep the kitty warm.

Stand still and blink a little

Once the kitty has become used to the food and shelter efforts, you may stand at a considerable distance where it can watch you. Don’t make sudden advances, or it will walk away. Instead, stand still, blink slowly, and avoid too much eye contact, to win the kitty’s confidence.

Wait for the kitty

You hardly have any option but to wait until the kitty makes the first move. First, it needs to gather courage and walk up to you. Then, it may give you gentle signs like rubbing your feet, sniffing your hand, etc. Allow it to gain access to areas in your home as the next step. Eventually, by the end of a few weeks, you may decide to take it to the vet and adopt it.

Owning cats is a colossal responsibility. First, you must be ready to offer it the necessities to live a good life. It begins with nutrition, shelter, companionship, and health care. Purchasing the best pet insurance will be a logical next step. Having pet health insurance is fundamental to guard your new pet kitty’s health. It has suffered much pain already, now take it on the path towards health and happiness.

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