A guide to creating custom gift boxes at home

custom gift boxes

Giving gifts to loved ones is a tradition that exists in every corner of the world in different forms. One element which remains common in all those gifts is the love and affection those gifts are given from. Life has become pretty easy in terms of the availability of products. Almost everybody has access to the premade gift boxes.

These custom gift boxes with logo are conveniently available at stores. If you want to send a gift to someone outside your city or country then there is the option of custom shipping boxes with logo.

However, nothing can beat the significance of handmade custom gift boxes which we make ourselves for the people who are important in our lives. Also if you have a small home-based business, making custom gift boxes with logo at home for your regular customer as a token of appreciation is always a good idea.

If you are already looking for ways on how to make custom gift boxes at home then you are at the right place so let’s get started with the ways you can get it done with ease.Read also about:vinyl flooring Dubai

Making Gift Boxes by Upscaling

Upscaling the potential gift packaging already lying around in the home is the best idea. This is eco-friendly because you are not buying any material and is very light on your pocket. Here are few ideas to upscale different items to custom gift boxes at home.

Customizing an amazon shipping box:

You must be familiar with Amazon’s custom shipping boxes with logo. They are amazing to upscale into your very own custom gift boxes. They are recyclable and very handy as there must be at least one lying around in your house. They can be easily shipped to safely send the gift.

All you have to do is wrap the box very well. You can use some printed paper for that or plain paper. There isn’t much customization option left after you put a printed wrapping sheet on it. So using some kind of plain paper is a better way to go.

Put some ribbons or premade gift ornaments on the box. If you are a small home-based business and using the Amazon box then after putting the paper paste your logo which will make it a custom gift box with logo. Decorate it elegantly, a business should never overdo the packing. It should be simple enough to open for the customer.

Gift Boxes Made with Toilet Paper Roll

It may sound crazy but it is an amazing hack to gift small items. Just keep the toilet paper rolls safe. When you have to use it to make a gift box, you just have to squish it from one side and tape it neatly or seal it with a hot glue gun. Now you can colour the box too or make it like a pouch. Now put the gift item in it from the open side of the box. At this point, you can close the other side of the roll and cover it with wrapping paper. Another way is to keep the other side open and cover it like a pouch and close the pouch tightly with a ribbon. Your very own custom gift box is ready-to-roll.Read also about:vinyl flooring in dubai

Milk Carton as Gift Box

The milk carton already comes in the shape of the box and by cutting it in half you can easily make a gift box out of it. Milk carton gift boxes are very easy to wrap and customize.

Creating Custom Gift Boxes from Scratch

Making custom gift boxes with logo or without logo for personal use has its significance and liberties. You can easily customize and size them according to your need and the nature of the gift item.

Here are a few tips to make custom gift boxes from scratch.

Making Gift Box with Cardboard:

Cardboard is the most used gift box-making material. You can buy cardboard from the market and cut it according to the size of the gift. It can be cut in any shape to make you the box of your imagination. Then you can simply cover it with paper or fabric. The box can have as much craft as you want. You can play with jute on the box. Using decorative materials already existing at home will help you decrease the cost of the gift box. Custom gift boxes made of cardboard can easily be used for heavier gift items. If you are making it for business then you can easily make custom shipping boxes with logo.

Gift Box Making with Chart Paper

If the gift item you need to pack is small and not too heavy then using chart paper would be much useful. Chart papers come in a whole variety of colours so only shaping them into a small box can easily give custom gift boxes.

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