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Cater to larger customers with an on-demand multi-service app

Certainly, the multi-services apps are ruling the on-demand market. This opens doors for budding entrepreneurs to start their own ventures and establish themselves as successful personalities.

The reality is that the demand for super apps has risen over the last two years, especially during the lockdown. The restrictions put forward by the governments during the Covid-19 pandemic is the paramount reason for the stupendous demand. Apart from this, having a single app for every service is what everyone prefers instead of opting for multiple apps for different services.

Some popular super apps are Grab, Gojek, WeChat, and Alipay. Noticing these apps’ growth and popularity, entrepreneurs aspire to launch an on-demand multi-service app. Are you one among them? Take advantage of the super app solution, and be quick to launch your multi-service app.  

Rise of Super apps alongside with stats: Future scope

Since the emergence of super apps, people have inclined towards such apps as it benefits in various ways. Firstly, the ease of convenience and comfort in purchasing products or availing services with a few taps.

Secondly, there is no requirement for installing multiple apps for employing different services. As super apps are encompassed with multiple services, installing a single app will save more space on their smartphones.

These are some reasons why people have more interest in using super apps instead of other on-demand apps proffering a single service.

Furthermore, the Covid-19 wave hit the entire nation, leading to the transformation of traditional business to digital business. This is because it is the crucial time when everyone fears going outdoors even to buy essentials as they expect everything to be received at their doorsteps.  

Captivating Stats – In 2019, nearly 7.6 million people around the world are using on-demand multi-service apps. As per experts’ predictions, it is estimated that the multi-service app market’s net worth will reach 161.74 billion by the end of 2023.

This implication proves that there will be a good chance for budding entrepreneurs or business people to establish themselves as successful in the on-demand market.

Multiple services which you consider including in your super app

Undoubtedly, the super apps are the future and its core value relies on the convenience of availing multiple services. If you are planning to launch the multi-service app, you have to decide which services should be incorporated. Here are a few of the popular services that will grab attention from a wider user base.

  • Food delivery service

With digitization, the food delivery apps’ demand is at its peak. Zomato, Swiggy, DoorDash, and FoodPanda are some prominent players, renowned for their places in the market. These are the eye-witnessing examples that will inspire you to enter the online food delivery sector. According to Statista, this industry’s net value will be $449,292 million by 2025. Clearly known that initiating a food delivery service business will be sure-fire.

  • Grocery delivery service

Another delivery service that gained massive popularity among internet users is grocery delivery. This platform solaces the customers as they can receive doorstep grocery delivery on the same day or scheduled slot as they wish.

  • Medicine delivery service

On-demand pharmacy delivery apps are acclaimed amidst the pandemic. Such apps establish a connection between the pharmacy stores and people who need to buy medicines. So, they can order medicines and get those delivered to their homes. The online pharmacy market’s worth is projected to touch $131 billion by 2025, indicating there is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a venture by this time.

  • Ride-hailing service

We have seen how the ride-hailing industry has undergone a downfall amidst the lockdown. When the restrictions were relaxed, the taxi businesses resumed to normal as people started using taxi apps for commuting. According to Statista, the ride-hailing & taxi sector’s net value is predicted to increase at a growth rate of 11.02% between 2021 and 2025, reaching US$392,580 million by 2025. 

These are a few of the services which are in demand nowadays and will expect to grow in the coming years further. You can contemplate adding other on-demand services such as parcel delivery, flower delivery, electrician service, plumbing service, and house cleaning service.

How do you generate revenue from a multi-service app?

With the inclusion of multiple services in the Super app, it is time to think about the ways in which you can monetize. Broadly speaking, you can implement diversified revenue streams, which will enable you to have a steady flow of income. Super apps have the potential to earn great revenue as they will never let you down, even in the worst scenario. Somehow or other you can earn better from one of the services.

Take a peek at the monetization models of super apps.

  • Commission from the service providers

A persistent way to earn income from the multi-service app is by charging commission fees from the service providers. Take food delivery service as an example, you can charge a commission fee from the partnered restaurants for every order they get via the app.

  • Small fee from the customers

As the customers can make use of the super apps to avail of various services, you can charge them an additional fee apart from the normal service fee. On every placed order, they have to be charged a small fee.

  • Delivery commission from the delivery person

The app provides good opportunities for delivery people to earn income. The delivery person has the option to accept multiple order requests when the orders to be delivered are in the same location. On every request they complete, a minimal percentage of the money will be cut down from their total earnings as a commission.

It’s time to transform your super app idea into reality!

It’s time to implement it when you are clear about the significant elements, including features, business model, and revenue streams. With the open-eyed, make a clever decision by choosing the right multi-service app development company. Upon knowing your business requirements, they will craft the app straight away.

Two different ways you can opt for crafting the super app. One is making the app from scratch, which is a conventional approach. Whereas, the app development process is no longer a tedious process if you have chosen a ready-to-go super app solution. It is wise to choose a pre-built app and launch it after some tweaks.

Key Points to remember during super app development

  • Never let the languages/currency be a barrier for your app to reach a broader target audience. Therefore, integrate the multilingual and multi-currency features into your on-demand multi-service app.
  • The interface is the first viewing point the users will notice. Make the best impression with an intuitive design. This will facilitate them to navigate through various services and select through them with ease.
  • Apart from the general features, show interest in including innovative features. This is to make the app unique and stand out from the thriving competition. However, having unique selling points is quite indispensable for on-demand businesses to enrich.
  • The choice of app platform plays a vital role. Choose which platform to opt for deploying the app. It depends on the basis of the audience you are targeting. When you want to cater to larger users, it would be preferable to develop your app for both Android & iOS.    

Concluding thoughts

In this blog, it will be very clear that entering the on-demand market with a super app is an enriching business idea, which has a bright future opportunity. It’s on your hand to decide to establish a multi-service business.

Are you a budding entrepreneur who is actively seeking a top-notch app idea? Or, Are you the one who wants to transform your conventional business into a digital business with an app. Whoever you are, a super app is a perfect solution for your on-demand business.

Hopefully, you have gone through every nook and cranny of multi-service app development. Go ahead with partnering with a suitable app development company and launch your app as soon as possible.  

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