8 Virtual Escape Rooms to Keep Everyone Entertained


Escape rooms have become a staple in the real gaming world. Just the idea of literally being a protagonist in a realistic scenario in a room gives people an adrenaline rush. But, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many of these escape rooms have become even more distant and inaccessible for the masses. However, with every problem comes an even better solution, and that is what has been the introduction of virtual escape rooms.

Virtual escape rooms are just like ordinary escape rooms, except for the fact that you enjoy the experience online. Many people undermine virtual rooms for not having enough human contact to thoroughly enjoy their experience; while that may be true, covid has given escape room enthusiasts and brands no other choice.

With that said, let us go into more detail on the 8 best virtual escape rooms that are sure to keep you entertained despite it being just a simulation of the actual event/s.

1. The Escape Game:

With being available in around 19 different locations, this Nashville-based game has now successfully opened back up with the right protocols and precautions. Now, you may find yourself in a pickle where you cannot physically visit the venue with, say, family members because of how far apart you live from each other.

Not to worry, the brand has launched a remote adventure just for people like you who want to enjoy a good escape adventure with relatives far away. Your remote adventure will begin on a zoom call and will last for 60 minutes.

The best part is that you will get the same amenities as the physical location, with a virtual live host and a guide that will act as your eyes and ears. There will also be a digital board that records your clues which you can visit anytime during the game, and also includes a full 360 scan of your room. 

2. The Minecraft room:

Who doesn’t love Minecraft? Although a java production with old graphics and pixels, this game is still taking the world by storm. So, the next great thing is to enjoy an enthralling Minecraft adventure (or brain puzzles).

This virtual room was actually created by a librarian from New Port Richey, Florida. The good part is that it comes with math videos and problems themed around this notorious game. The best way to have your kids do some math is by making it about Minecraft. And that is a fact! 

3. Bank Heist:

Created and run by the brand Expedition Escape, bank heist is just like the physical version of the game that many have and will continue to enjoy. The concept of the game is simple yet fun; as part of a crime syndicate, it is your mission to unlock a safe in less than 20 minutes! You may have to do some thinking and calculations, so do keep your calculator handy at all times. 

4. Mystery Escape:

This virtual adventure is hosted by Mystery Escape Room, a Utah brand. The great part about this adventure is that you have a choice between a superhero-themed adventure or a room taken from Nancy Drew. The idea of the adventure is pretty self-explanatory and will also include a live guide to take you through the adventure and answer any questions you have. 

5. Hogwarts Escape Room:

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? Have you watched all the movies multiple times? Do you have family or friends that have equal admiration for the series as you do? Well, if your answers were yes to those questions, this virtual game is just the right thing for you.

And do not worry about the references; you know they are going to be as accurate as a thread through a needle because it was created by a librarian in Pennsylvania. The best part is that you can complete the adventure either individually, as a group, or even by competing against family and/or friends! 

6. Brain Chase:

If you have a problem with the path the current education system is taking and feel the need for a change of ideology in terms of real education, look no further than Brain Chase. This brand offers weekly adventures for the entertainment of kids, all while educating them in the process. As good as it is, think of it, as a course for your child’s education. With that said, it does come with a monthly subscription if your child truly starts learning things. 

7. The Grimm Escape:

Believe it or not, this virtual room became one of the most popular escape rooms in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Created by escape room brand Puzzle Break, the adventure starts you off in a virtual enchanted forest. Your task is to solve clues and figure out puzzles to escape from the evil witch’s curse. Make sure you book your room in advance for this gem. 

8. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar:

Mostly a kid’s game hosted by the National Aquarium in Maryland. You will have to assist Oscar the shark (from shark tale) in recovering his missing award statue. Apart from the task of helping Oscar, your child will also learn about sea creatures in the process, all while they also enjoy a virtual tour of the actual aquarium.


And there you have it; these are some of the most popular virtual escape rooms to have emerged during the very-strenuous and concerning pandemic. It is no joke that the pandemic has done more to affect people’s mental health than their immune systems. After all, it was obviously going to happen with all these lockdowns in the name of safety and for your health.


Amidst all of this separation and apartheid, it is very important you stay true to your values and, most importantly, have some fun in these depressing times. A bit of online gaming with friends or such virtual escape rooms with the people you love is sure to distract you from the current situation while also helping you create new memories.

And as for the kids, there are certainly more virtual rooms you can introduce to them to take their minds off of wanting to meet their friends at school and hang out. Not only will some of the rooms help educate your kids when the schools refuse to, but they will also at least be satisfied with the fun of these rooms and share their stories with their friends in school.

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