6 Hard-to Ignore Logo Designing Tools to Pursue in 2020


The successful embellishment of any firm depends on a number of factors. Every business is inclined towards establishing an online presence for people to be aware of the respective company’s products and services. More importantly, in order to gain some sort of popularity to build brand recognition, it requires a visual distinct representation, one who can easily recognize anywhere. This is where logos play a vital role in fulfilling the purpose to disseminate information about their brands and create an iconic image for the brands they represent. Undoubtedly, creating a logo not only requires expertise but prefers some good reliable software to effectively design them. Vector editors are mostly used to deliver scalable designs without losing out on quality. The following are some of the logo designing tools for the right business.

1.Adobe illustrator

Adobe products are known for their gold standard of image duplicity, rightfully standby it. Adobe illustrator is marked as the best creative logo designing software packed with many advanced features. Since it’s a vector graphics editor, scaling images is relatively easy as per your requirements. The software allows for more control by adding textual elements effectively manage and edit individual characters and many other feature-packed components promoting to logo design. Moreover, illustrator allows for powerful editing allowing designers to expand the size of anchor points and handles for easier editing. One of the distinct features is the puppet wrap to modify graphics without stretching its anchor points.


CorelDraw has progressed and still improving since its first release. Undoubtedly, it’s amongst the best logo marketing tool available in the market. The powerful vector editing software is spectacular in creating detail-intensive designs, but that’s just the initiating point. The package as a whole comes with numerous features such as illustrations, tracings and many more. Furthermore, its famous symmetry drawing mode aids in creating a range of symmetrical designs, ranging from simplistic shapes to kaleidoscopic effects.  Some other features of CorelDraw comprise complementary color schemes, advanced OpenType support and a user-friendly designed interface for designers to take full control of.


Many firms are inclined towards the adoption of artificial intelligence due to their reaping benefits. Similarly, the logo designing tool Looks, Utilizes AI to create creative logo designs with minimal human effort. All required is some user input such as basic credentials and previously designed logos after which Looka will look after the entire process. The application creates numerous logo designs based on the data inputted and you can choose any design then. Once the logo is designed, some final touches such as proper typography, font sizing, and element adjustments are required that best suits.


A startup business or any well-established firms won’t be necessarily specialized in offering web designing services. The next best alternative or opportunity cost being to acquire outsourced designing services. For instance, organizations would wonder that should I hire a logo design company near me. Or should I opt for a freelancer? Clearly, now the online design tool Canva has allowed for online logo designing, proving to be a cost-effective solution. What makes it easy on the pocket is due to its free to use images and graphical elements. It allows us to create own font combinations and alter them further. In fact, it also has apps on IOS and android offering full portability.

5.Jeta Logo Creator

Clearly, high-grade vector graphic editors will get your work done, but sometimes working with them can be quite of a hassle. Generally, working with professional software requires great expertise to design and execute marvelous designs. Undoubtedly, easy-to-use design software JetA logo creator truly serves this purpose. JetA comprises of thousands of logo shapes and over 400 logo templates. Designers can simply choose their shapes and start modifying them by replacing them with their shapes. Also, JetA offers a wide range of color pallets including gradient fill, bold stroke, glossing, and many others. JetA offers full compatibility on Windows 7 and above.


Featured-filled programs generally cost a fortune, and clearly would be. However, there are times when you come across software that filled with features without even costing you anything. This is where Inkscape comes into action. Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics platform that offers creative and gorgeous logo designing without costing you even a dime. The platforms comprise of numerous tools for image duplicity, text and drawings. Inkscape can be used to create live inked copies to create intricate patterns. Inkscape acts as a great cross-platform logo designing software to scale across windows, Mac OS and Linux respectively.

Concluding, creating a logo designed is increasingly important for firms to establish their brand recognition and expand their customer base. Designing logos itself follows a very rigorous process where the artistic approach is followed more than scientific. Dedicated software programs are great for creating and editing premium grade quality graphics and even mobile apps perform well to do some quick and easy editing on-the-go.

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