6 Essentials Of The Basement Finishing


Basement renovation serves various needs of people. They tend to design their basements according to their requirements. But everyone must know that basement is more than just the available space under your actual flooring. It can be used for lounging, relaxation, storage, living, office space, guest accommodations and so on- the possibilities are just endless.

If you have an empty basement lying in your house, you are lucky to paint the blank canvas the way you can, incorporating various designs, structures and updating the interiors of your basement.

If you are worried about how the work will be initiated? Think no more! All of it can be simplified by hiring a professional basement renovation company who will implement your plans and ideas by working on them. Down below are mentioned some of the basement essentials to help you build ideas before you actually develop your basement.

1) Focus on the functionality- You might have most of the functional space in your main floor, for example, doing your laundry in the wide-open space with natural sunlight but there must be some things that you might wish for. Why not use your basement for it? Adding a home theatre to the basement since they are separated from the rest of the house, providing you with a private space. Similarly, you can divide rooms in your basement to use them for various activities.

2) Install proper flooring- Don’t think that basement flooring options are limited. You can choose from a variety of options likecarpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, cork, and laminate since hardwood floors do not last long in basements. Although hardwood floors provide a classy look and blends with all kind of decor but you will be surprised to know that vinyl floors give you the exact look of the hardwood floors. Therefore, choose from numerous flooring options during basement interior renovations.

3) Light it up- Basements have low ceilings; therefore, installing ample lights can alleviate the cave feeling that usually comes in the basement. Besides, you can enhance natural lighting by adding more windows, especially an egress window in the living room as well as the bedroom.

4) Waterproof your basement- Basements are susceptible to water leaks and damages that can lead to the dampening of walls, causing molds. Therefore, make sure the foundation of your house is intact and the gutter system is properly maintained. But to be on the safer side, it is important to waterproof your basement.

5) Ensure proper electrification- For your basement to function correctly, you must get the electricals updated. Rewiring, recircuiting, earthing requires professional help. However, updating electricals can increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

6) Don’t forget about the ventilation- If you are thinking of incorporating laundry, bathroom or a washing area, it is important to have sufficient ventilation for the moisture and damp air to pass and to allow fresh air to reside in. Doing so will avoid the humidity in your basements which is the main source for the growth of molds and mildew.

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