5 tips to make your gift card boxes eco-friendly

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The gift card boxes are a model choice for upraising the experience of gifting. Inside them, the gift cards are completely safe from damaging effects such as tearing apart the edges. These packages have high-quality printing surfaces and modifiable designs that can make them look conjugated with themes of manifold events. Several enhancement options are also available that work to glamourize the aesthetic appeal of the boxes as well as protect the elegantly printed artwork. They give you flexibility in choosing the size and shape accordingly with the dimensions of gift cards. 

The wave of environmentalism is receiving huge attention from people all across the continents. It is, for this reason, they opt for the products that are beneficial for the health of this planet rather than the ones that result in waste generation. It has acted as the driving force for businesses to implement sustainable practices when manufacturing and creating gift card boxes. Follow these essential tips if you want to turn these packages eco-friendly and receive maximum customer appreciation. 

Prefer using 100% recyclable materials:

The simplest method of making your gift card packaging eco-friendly is to prefer the recycled or recyclable material for its crafting. Do not go with plastic as it is not recyclable, and even if it is partially recyclable, it will take up a lot of resources, thus running your company at a big loss. The materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paperboard, and bux board are all recyclable because they can be reconstituted up to several times for the creation of newer packaging every time. Out of all these recyclable materials, corrugated cardboard is the best due to its higher tensile strength and ability to get mold every time without any impact on its strength. It is also a little bit less costly than the other recyclable material choices and 100% recyclable as compared to cardboard which is only 90% recyclable. 

Use sustainable inks for printing:

Just like the custom gift card boxes manufactured from the post-consumer content prove less damaging to the environment, the use of sustainable inks contributes to the low production of toxic elements. The outmoded inks such as plastisol and some others are chemical-laden and result in the production of volatile organic compounds that are dangerous for the well-being of our surroundings. So, the best option is to use sustainable inks whenever deciding to print on the boxes. The inks made up of milk proteins or food are a model choice, or you can also go with the soy-based and water-based inks. Apart from being environmentally responsible, such types of inks also provide excellent results as they seep through the surface of the boxes and never get damaged due to the effect of some undesirable circumstances. 

Buoy up recycling practice:

Simply the incorporation of recycled or recyclable materials in the production of custom gift card boxes will not work if you are really concerned about diminishing your impact on the ecosystem. You need to really encourage your customers to recycle these packages so that they do not get wasted up after a single use. This is easily done by adding a message or specific symbol that incentivizes the clients to recycle the gift card packages instead of throwing them into the waste bins. Usually, the cardboard-built packages are recyclable up to five to seven times, so fully utilize their potential of being recycled again and again until they have life in them. The recycling practice will make your boxes completely environmentally friendly without any risk of generating waste. 

Design a sleek packaging:

Even if you use recyclable materials for your gift card box design, a significantly lower amount of waste occurs at the warehouse and retailer levels. To cut down this waste, it is always the best strategy to design sleek, simple, and minimalistic design that consumers lesser amount of material in its production. Designing overly sized or giant packages is not a wise decision since you will be needing additional padding or filler materials that might be damaging to the environment, thus ruining all your efforts towards making an eco-friendly box. Moreover, it will also prove catastrophic for your set budget since you will be spending more on the cushioning of products than the packaging itself. Hence, make sure to trim the fat of your box as possible so that it does not disturb the safety aspects. 

Careful selection of filler materials:

Designing sleek packaging does not mean that you do not need padding for the products. It is essential if you do not want to sacrifice the safety of your feeble and delicate products. What matters the most is the type of padding or filler material you select. For instance, you cannot afford to go with Styrofoam as it is a non-sustainable packaging filler material as it requires petroleum substances for its production and is non-biodegradable. The best choice in this regard is the shredded paper which is recyclable as well as provides the maximum cushion to the fragile items against the outside impacts. Apart from this paper, the packaging peanuts, corn starch, inflatable air cushions, etc., are also a better choice in this regard and enhance the eco-friendly attributes of your gift card packaging. 

As the awareness regarding the cost and effect of carbon footprints is burgeoning, the demand for greener solutions is also increasing. The making of gift card boxes more eco-friendly is not as difficult or expensive as many of us might initially think. All that is needed is to prefer sustainable solutions by selecting recyclable materials and encouraging the recycling practice as well.

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