4 Tips To Take Your YouTube Videos To The Next Level!

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1. Understand Your Intended Audience

It is important to treat YouTube videos differently than any other forms of social media marketing. One mistake that all too many business owners seem to make is forgetting to learn about their intended audience. Before investing your time and money in marketing on YouTube, get to know the people that will watch.

The entire purpose of the videos you create is to market your brand and its products. Ideally, your intended audience becomes the potential consumers that you can lead to your website. By carefully crafting your videos, you can ensure that your target audience will generate leads.

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is this: when is your intended audience most active on YouTube? This can help you get a better idea as to the popularity of certain topics and keywords at a given time.

Timing is everything when you publish new content for your viewership on YouTube. It is always crucial to your success to upload videos when most viewers are likely to watch. This will ensure your content ranks better as videos that are hours or days old get fewer views. Ensure high quality videos with unlimited video editing.

2. Get To Know Your Direct Competition

Get your head in the game and find out what your competitors are doing well to attract new leads. When devising a solid marketing plan for YouTube, paying attention to the competition can help you avoid detrimental and costly mistakes.

As a side note, never steal information or creative ideas directly from another company. However, it is not an issue to borrow certain  concepts if you’re willing to make them your own and implement them in a different way for your company.

When researching your competition, don’t just focus on the video content itself, but on the information they write in the description. What keywords and hashtags are they using to attract an audience? When it comes to creating videos, what topics do they cover?

3. Subscribe And Watch Popular Content

Part of doing your marketing homework is checking out highly successful YouTube videos. When you’re doing research, you don’t need to focus your search on industry related channels. In fact, look at influencers and what they do to attract and keep a large following.

It all comes down to paying attention to the little nuances such as how influencers act, what content they provide, how they film, and how they keep the interest of their viewership. Make notes of successful marketing tactics that you see implemented across several channels. Don’t just watch videos on an endless loop, but rather, learn from them!

4. Carefully Choose Your Keywords

Keywords are the foundation for a solid YouTube marketing strategy, much like you would see with traditional content marketing. The keywords you select for your videos are single-handedly the most important boost for your content. Whenever someone searches for popular topics or industry related news, targeting your keywords correctly means they can find your videos easily.

Don’t just guess which keywords are the ones that will work for your cause. There are dozens of tools just to find the right keywords for your YouTube content. For example, Ahrefs is a great service that can help narrow down and target your keywords specifically to your video. Of course, keywords alone won’t make your video stand out as it is up to you to not only drive traffic to your channel, but to keep your intended audience informed.

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