4 Reasons To Take A Trip To Memphis


When it comes to top tourist destinations in the United States, Memphis likely isn’t at the top of many people’s lists. However, these people are missing out, as Memphis is a fantastic destination with lots to offer guests and visitors. In fact, you may even be so thrilled with what you experience in Memphis that you may even start looking for Memphis houses for sale just to get closer to all the action. So what makes Memphis so great, and why is it well worth the visit? Here are four reasons to take a trip to Memphis. 

Beale Street

If you’re visiting Memphis, then you absolutely need to check out Beale Street. Beale Street is by far the most popular and famous street in Memphis, and it’s not hard to see why. Beale Street is home to a wide variety of amazing restaurants and theaters, making it a great place to visit. However, the area is known for its high-quality bars and clubs, making Beale Street the life of the city. Here you can party the night away with some live music and amazing drinks, as Beale Street is widely considered one of the best party destinations in the entire South region. If you want to experience a wild nightlife, you should definitely visit Memphis to check out Beale Street. 


One of the most famous attractions in the Memphis area is Graceland, the former home of the legendary musician Elvis Presley. Presley lived in the estate for a good portion of his life before ultimately passing away at Graceland in 1977 at the age of 42. Elvis was one of the most storied musicians in American music and is still thought of as a legendary icon to this day. Due to this, those family members that survived him opened up Graceland as a public museum in 1982 to honor Elvis’ legacy and contribution to music. Today, one can tour Graceland, seeing how Elvis lived and learning about his history. You’ll also see all different sorts of authentic artifacts that directly relate to the life of the legendary musician. Elvis was a major part of American music history, so it’s no surprise that his former estate is such a popular attraction to visit. 

Cost of Visiting

Although the attractions and activities of Memphis are fantastic, they aren’t the only reason why you should visit the city. Memphis isn’t that expensive of a place, regardless of whether you’re a resident or a visitor. Overall, the prices in Memphis are relatively low, and that applies to both food and lodging. Memphis also has an abundance of free activities that visitors can enjoy, further lowering the cost of visiting. Traditionally, visiting cities for an extended period of time comes with a large price tag, but that isn’t really the case when visiting Memphis. The low cost of visiting Memphis means you can take a mini-vacation without breaking the bank or having to sacrifice other areas of your finances. 

Outdoor Activities

Although Memphis has plenty of amazing attractions within the city, the city also has several outdoor areas in the surrounding area. Memphis has an amazing climate, with warm summers and relatively mild winters. As a result, outdoor enthusiasts will have the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. The local area also has a wide variety of hiking trails and river frontage, meaning you have ample places to hike or boat. Memphis also has an extensive network of bike trails that you can enjoy. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who wants to spend plenty of time outside while you’re on vacation, Memphis could be the perfect destination for you.

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