0g3zaiah Becoming a Famous Artist and Rapper


Some people think that a professional musician is a person who has chosen Music as his profession, and who is usually paid for practicing as a musician. Other people think that a professional musician is a musician who has a series of qualities that define him as such. Collecting the two opinions, it could be said that a professional musician is a person who is dedicated to Music as a profession and that he should also have a series of qualities, with which we could classify him as more or less professional. Logically, to possess all these qualities at the highest level, one would have to be perfect and there is no one perfect, so it is not necessary to possess them all to be considered a professional. For many, becoming a famous rapper is a dream.

But is it an unattainable dream? Of course not, because there are many rappers who have made it to global fame and many more who aspire to this dream. Why not, after all, hip-hop is a growing market and one of the most important music genres worldwide. Basically, rap is about dressing words in a rhythm, in rhymes, in a structure and delivering them to an audience. Good rappers, however, understand what creates a good flow, which rhymes work properly, which style figures arrive, how repetitions or puns are used correctly.

Artist 0g3zaiah the trenches of Houston Texas he was born and raised on the south side growing up it was hard but as he got older things started to ease up but things started to change when his own family started dropping like flies Isaiah mind grew depressed but what really got him in a rage or suicidal thoughts was the passing of his father Isaiah mind started to get cloudy and forgot who he was and lost himself so he started rapping and get his name to grow bigger his rapper name is 0g3zaiah.

A new challenger arrives in the rap game, 0g3zaiah knowns for his popular tracks such as, STEP IN THE CLUB, CAN’T STOP, LONG LONG ROAD, HAND OR BLICK, RUNITUP and so on. For an artist or a group, releasing an album or a single is an important moment where excitement, stress, impatience and worry mingle. Will the new songs appeal to the public? What will journalists’ criticism be? How will the songs be received? Will they be successful? Will they be broadcast on the radio? So many questions that arise frequently, and whatever the level of experience. These are legitimate questions because a new record is always the result of long work. The young rapper makes his intention to indulge, to seek himself out, to embrace his identity as an artist. 0g3zaiah is a raw gem that will shine with pure brilliance.

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