Which Platform to Choose First for App Development: Android or iOS?


When developing an app, questions arise in the developer’s mind about what audience and platform I should go with. Meanwhile, Android and IOS are the most accessible and used platforms by humans. So it keeps diverting the developer mind what platform to go with first. Similarly, it depends on the behavior of an app. The app you are building will be more suitable on which platform. But. This scenario arises when the developer has limited resources and only one choice to go with.

Meanwhile, approaching both platforms at the starting can prove a costly option. It involves some other risks as well. So, that most of the time, developers opt for one platform and if it works well. It gets launch on different operating systems as well. Above all, there are elements that you need to look after before diving into the question of platform choosing. The users, the characteristics you want to build in your app, the total budget you have for developing purpose, and the revenue you are looking forward to generating. 

Indeed, some teams do good research before opting for the platform. Likewise, App developers in Canada do a deep study about the future of an app. The reason for successful app development in Canada is that they invest the same amount of time in research, the time they invest at the development phase. 

However, there is a massive ground of Android users than Apple. Android is only restricted to those devices which have their OS. Likewise, Apple.  

Above all, it’s necessary to figure out what type of audience you are targeting. If you want your app to get maximum reach, Android is the answer.

The Statistics of Android and IOS

Meanwhile, Android has a wide range because it’s economical. So people can quickly get access to it in a more economical way than iOS. So in the regions which are still in the developing phase, the population is going with Android.

If we compare IOS with Android, IOS has a broader reach in countries with better income opportunities. However, it differs from region to region. iOS provides devices that are not easy to purchase in areas with a population with fewer earnings.

Above all, it depends on users too. Sometimes some users find Android feasible, and some go with iOS.

The Income Model of Android and IOS

The income model of Android and IOS represents the revenue model of Google and IOS. If we look up to the income model of Android, it has broader ground comparatively in the ads. Due to Android has extensive usage in developing countries, so businesses choose Android in promoting their business.

However, IOS also earns a good amount of money. It is because IOS also generates revenue by asking users to pay for accessing some apps.

The Characteristics of IOS and Android

If we start to count on the features of Android and Apple, it will take our time to figure out which is the more effective platform. Meanwhile, Android is an open-source platform that gives an extensive opportunity to developers to work with it with ease. With this feasibility, it also provides some modes like Paranoid and Cyanogen Mod. These modes allow developers to go more profound to have access to OS.

The venture of Android and IOS

In recent times, IOS has been counted in the big giants of the company, and it has been proving as well. Meanwhile, with its exceptional features and functionalities, it becomes the go-to option of companies. However, the IOS is not open-source. So, for a more secure environment, businesses choose to go with IOS. Because of its protected environment, more business enterprises are building a partnership with IOS.

The tablet apps of Android and IOS

The big corporates and other companies usually feel flexible using IOS tablets. For example, if you look into the desktop of a business executive, they always opt for IOS. However, the sales of tablets have been slowed down in past time. But you are hardly going to find an Android tablet in the meetings room. That shows how easy big companies see the IOS tablets comparatively Android.

In what scenario to choose IOS first?

Firstly, most of the apps target Apple users to get a more extensive reach among IOS users. Therefore, they opt to launch their apps on the IOS platform. Moreover, it is essential to find out what functionalities and features are working and which are not. Launching apps on both platforms can prove time taking process and can take a high cost to build. The recent studies show the new startup goes with the IOS platform mostly.

In what scenario to choose Android first?

It does make sense to opt for Android when your targeted audience lives in developing countries or urban settlements. Similarly, it also makes it logical to choose Android when you are looking forward to customizing the characteristics of Android OS. Likewise, it will not be accessible in IOS if you want to have complete control of hardware on an app that will run or want to get full control of software and hardware. Thus, the Android platform should be your OS to go with.

However, IOS has a quick approval time than Android.

The scenario to begin with both platforms.

To create an app that operates on both platforms depends on the capacities and resources of companies. Meanwhile, even if some companies have the fate of riches, they still go with the option of running an app on one platform. This is because it gives them chances to work out and see how the app works on an individual platform.

However, applications go through some repetitive steps formerly to become an option for users.


Before the launching of an app, the analysis and testing phase is necessary to go with. It makes sure that the functionality and features which your app has. They are running fine without errors and bugs. The Android devices are very different and have different screen resolutions according to their models. However, if we compare IOS in the same regard, it has an automatic screen resolution depending on the user’s model.


Both operating system platforms are trying to make more feasible features and operations for special people. Moreover, on Android devices, you will find some features which are helpful for those who are deaf. For example, it has a live transcribe feature that helps them read things coming on the screen.

Meanwhile, Apple also has some brilliant features for special people. The features are helping people with disabilities to make their experience more user-friendliness—for instance, Voiceover screen recorder, pointer control, and voice control. 

Closing up

 In conclusion, now you have become more familiar with Android and apple. Meanwhile, when to opt for Android and when IOS. Of course, each platform has its positives and negatives. Indeed, it largely depends on the companies which platform to go with first. But, mostly, it’s a risky task to launch your app on both platforms simultaneously.

Meanwhile, it depends on your targeted audience, the features they require—the timeline you have to complete your project. Most importantly, the resources and budget you have to develop an app. Moreover, if your company’s target is the regions where Android users are present in significant numbers, similarly, the app which you are developing has features that do not support Apple, then Android is your best option to go with.

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