What qualities does a professional musician have?

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Some people think that a professional musician is a person who has chosen Music as his profession, and who is usually paid for practicing as a musician. Other people think that a professional musician is a musician who has a series of qualities that define him as such. Collecting the two opinions, it could be said that a professional musician is a person who is dedicated to Music as a profession and that he should also have a series of qualities, with which we could classify him as more or less professional. Logically, to possess all these qualities at the highest level, one would have to be perfect and there is no one perfect, so it is not necessary to possess them all to be considered a professional.

In fact, modern theories about intelligence, pedagogy, psychology, coaching and job orientation affirm that we all have all the qualities, although some to a greater or lesser extent, that in part we are influenced by our genetics, but that by Usually most skills can be developed and worked on. In other words, the fact that you have to have “talent” to be a musician is becoming more and more a myth. I would say that rather, as in all professions, you have to have a VOCATION. “Talent” is a set of genetic inheritance, work, and a set of skills that can be developed. Logically it helps to have certain genetic inheritances or a social environment of a family of musicians or to live in a city where Music is a priority.

 2021 is being a strange year. It started with half the world confined, but with the hope that the vaccine is soon leaving us with a glimmer of normalcy. Meanwhile, there are many artists who have not stopped working and creating to make the wait more bearable. They too have been heroes in these uncertain months. Thanks to his talent we have been able to enjoy some of the best songs of national and international music in recent years. Their messages, their rhythms and their melodies have accompanied us in the worst moments and have comforted us when the only certainty seemed to be the music. FRANTZ-DEE released featuring this song call “Eat It Hit It” (feat. Joé Dwèt File & King Frantz) This song did really well in Europe and the Caribbean and Africa, sadly due to the corona he was not able to go on tour performing that song. His fans cannot stop asking when is he going to get back on tour to perform this lovely song that they really enjoy. this song is one of his fan’s favorites. He is one of the UK’s most established and successful composers, however, the artist decided to step out of his comfort zone and explore new sounds.

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