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What does CIBIL stands for?

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A decent CIBIL score, which ranges from 300 to 900, is simply the numerical total of a customer’s credit history, credit rating, and report. A credit score above 750 is regarded as favorable, whereas one below that is regarded as concerning. A high credit score guarantees simple loan processing. Customers benefit from it, particularly when it comes to interest rates. Healthy-score borrowers occasionally qualify for loans with cheaper interest rates than other borrowers. Credit score is a key factor in the approval process, even if lenders also consider several other factors before making a payment.

How can I log in to the CIBIL system?

Making an account on the official website, my CIBIL, is the first step in registering oneself or their business on CIBIL. It is required to upload certain documents after registering an account, such evidence of identity and address, phone and utility bills, etc. Once you’ve enrolled, it’s important to monitor your credit score. A strong credit score can be kept up by making on time loan instalments, choosing to postpone payments, checking your CIBIL Score for free by PAN Card frequently, and paying your credit cards in full each month.

What elements go into calculating your credit score?

  • Guaranteeing ‘credit mix’: Making sure the borrower has a “credit mix” that is balanced between secured and unsecured loans. Credit card transactions fall under the category of unsecured loans, whereas secured loans include mortgages. The borrower’s credit score may suffer if they have repeatedly obtained the same kind of loan. Lenders prefer loans with a good mix of different lending kinds. It implies that you can manage various loan types.
  • Payment history: As was already said, it is crucial for borrowers to make on-time payments on all loans and credit cards to keep their credit score high. Before approving your loan application, lenders investigate your payment history. According to a CIBIL investigation, a borrower’s score can be negatively impacted by 100 points for a delinquency of 30 days or more. You must make sure that your payment history does not show irregularities in loan repayment.
  • Corrective actions: If a borrower’s credit score is low, they can do something about it to raise it. For instance, it’s crucial to pay off all credit card bills rather than just the minimum amount due. This will not only seem good on the borrower’s credit record, but it will also enable them to get loans at cheaper interest rates.

What elements have an impact on credit scores?

There are four key factors:

  • Payment History: Missing or paying late on a credit card payment or failing to make loan EMI payments lowers credit score. Depending on how late a repayment is made, a credit score can decrease for a variety of reasons.
  • Credit Mix: A excellent strategy to raise your credit score is to have a balanced mix of secured loans (vehicle loans, home loans, etc.) and unsecured loans (credit cards, personal loans, etc.).
  • Multiple inquiries: When a person asks for a loan or a credit card, inquiries are made. Numerous inquiries point to rising debt and a desire for borrowing. In these situations, lenders exercise care because it also lowers credit scores.
  • High Credit Utilization: This factor lowers your credit score because it suggests that you have a heavy payback burden.

What is a good credit score?

Lenders do not utilise a definitive or comprehensive standard when deciding whether to accept or reject an application. However, a score of more than 750 is regarded as excellent. As a reference, see the graph below. A good grade is one that supports your life goals rather than working against them. Additionally, making wise financial decisions and staying informed are the best ways to ensure that your credit score is moving up the graph.

Can you obtain a loan without being registered with CIBIL?

Credit can be obtained even without a registered CIBIL score. This is made feasible by loans that include assets that are guaranteed. For instance, loans secured by gold do not need a minimum credit rating from the borrower.

The purity of the gold and the amount of provided collateral are the only determining variables in the case of an ensured gold loan. Likewise, loans secured by real estate belong under this category. A credit score is not required to obtain a gold loan, but late payments can significantly lower a borrower’s credit score.

Repayments or instalments must be managed cautiously in both cases, it must be emphasized. Your gold loan will be further impacted by loan default and erratic payments, which will also lower your credit score.

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