Top 15 Teeth-Staining Products You Must Avoid

Top 15 Teeth-Staining Products You Must Avoid

Ads for whitening toothpaste filled TV screens and media pages, and a dazzling white smile is almost a symbol of well-being and success. There are some things that can color your teeth. From the school course on anatomy, everyone knows that tooth enamel is porous, so stains from food and drinks are very easy on it, and as a result, the enamel acquires a yellow or brown tint. What to do? Know what foods and dishes can color your teeth. Forewarned is forearmed.

How Foods Change The Color Of Teeth?

Few people know that it is worth paying attention not only to the color of the food but also to the acidity level of the food. Even in the absence of pigment dyes, the acids found in foods and drinks soften the tooth tissue and make them more susceptible to pigmentation. Hence there appear stains on the enamel, along with the changed color of the tooth.

By the way, our teeth get stained not only with products with artificial colors, the well-known “E-shakes,” but also absolutely natural – fruits and vegetables. As you know the color of vegetables and fruits depends on pigmented molecules – chromogens, they quite easily settle on the tooth enamel.

But besides these dyes, some products, such as tea, coffee, pomegranates, citrus fruits, and some others, also contain tannins. Tannins themselves can form sediment on the surface of the teeth and increase the ability of chromogens to settle on the enamel, increasing the likelihood of tooth pigmentation.

List Of Products That Can Make Your Teeth Yellow

The simplest rule of thumb is that if a product can leave a stubborn stain on your clothes, tablecloth, or carpet, it is likely to stain your teeth too! So here are some foods that you should be wary of.

1. Tea And Coffee

These products can be safely put in the first place, not only because of the intense color but also the acidity of the coffee and the tannins of the tea. How to fight? It is imperative to rinse your mouth after every cup of coffee or tea and drink tea with lemon. By adding lemon, the tea becomes discolored. You can, of course, replace these drinks with green or white tea.

2. Red Wine

It is quite reasonable that red wine takes the honorable second place in this list. Given the rich ruby ​​color and the presence of tannins, some of this color will surely remain on your teeth. Thus, if you have an addiction to alcoholic drinks, it will definitely make your teeth yellow.

You may get teeth whitening treatment, but if you don’t abstain from drinking alcohol, the results will be temporary. Though refraining oneself from consuming alcohol can be difficult, but there are several treatment options that can help. Besides, state-funded rehab and detox center have made treatment much affordable for everyone.

3. Fruit Juices

Fruit juices and especially dark berry juices (for example, cherry, grape, wild berries, or cranberry), stain the teeth and tongue when consumed. The most interesting thing is that fresh fruits and berries have a much less coloring effect. This is because we eat fruits and berries much slower than drinking a glass of juice.

Due to this, more saliva is released, washing the teeth, and the fiber of the fruit clean the tooth surface. However, whole fruits and berries are, in principle, much healthier than juices made from them. And, by the way, strawberries have a whitening effect on the teeth; they are able to remove stains on the enamel. Other berries, alas, do not have this ability.

4. Vinegar And Soy Sauce

Balsamic vinegar and soy sauce often leave rather unpleasant stains on the teeth, not only due to their intense color but also to their increased acidity. Do you want such troubles? Choose lighter options like rice vinegar, lemon vinegar, or grape vinegar.

5. Beets And Carrots 

They contain a large number of chromogens that have a coloring effect. In addition, beet juice is even more harmful because the concentration of chromogens in it is the highest. Thus, beets and carrots may be healthy, be careful while eating them.

6. Multi-colored Sweets, Gums, And Popsicles

Colored sweets, gum, and popsicles contain colorants or pigments that remain on the teeth and penetrate the pores of the enamel. To keep your teeth and your body healthy, choose chewing gum that is free of sugar and artificial colors. And if you want to indulge yourself with candy or popsicles, ditch the berry flavors in favor of lemon. 

But chocolate, but only black, containing theobromine, helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. This makes it more resistant to staining. Milk chocolate does not create such an effect. Moreover, it is also capable of provoking the appearance of bad breath since it contains milk and sugar.

7. Yellow Spice

Natural yellow Indian spice can give your teeth a yellow or slightly reddish color, but you are unlikely to be happy about it. Therefore, after consuming curry dishes, be sure to wash or rinse your mouth. However, you can avoid yellow spice to keep your teeth white.

8. Carbonated Drinks And Energy Tonics

Due to the increased acidity (due to the presence of aggressive phosphoric acid), frequent use of these drinks leads to the destruction of enamel. As a result, teeth become discolored. Moreover, lemonades and similar Fanta-Colas immediately leave their mark on your teeth.

9. Medicines And Tablets

These are not food products, but given the fairly common use of all kinds of drugs, it is worth considering them as well. The most aggressive in relation to tooth enamel are iron preparations and, oddly enough, vitamin-mineral complexes. Iron can stain your teeth gray, and vitamins containing dyes can make your teeth yellow.

Take Away

We mentioned a list of products that can discolor your teeth. The most important question is how to deal with tooth staining? The easiest way is to rinse your mouth with water immediately after a meal, especially after you have consumed the above teeth-staining products.

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