Tips To Start Your New Job the Right Way

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First impressions are important and when starting out in a new job position, you have a great, but also vital opportunity to start off on the right foot. Almost everyone you meet will remember your first day. As such, you do not want to abuse this chance or take it for granted. If you start with the wrong attitude, you are likely to build an unreasonable or unshakable resentment.

That being said, here are a few tips from Hanover UK to start your new job well and ensure you get it right:

Be on Time and Presentable

During the first day, it is important to be as presentable as in the interview. You want to create a good impression and show that you are excited to get started.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you are given a task, do it as well as your capacity allows, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Hanover advise it’s always better to ask a question rather than sitting quietly hoping that what you need to know will ultimately click.

Get a Notepad

Similar to your days at school, taking notes will help prevent forgetting vital details. Note the rules and ways of going about your job so that you are ready to do your tasks independently. In addition, take down co-worker’s names as it helps eliminate the communication barrier. Also, it helps prevent asking the name of an individual that has already introduced themselves.

Dress the Part

During your first day at work, it is important to look smart and presentable. Most workplaces have a casual dress code, but on the first day, this type of look might suggest that you’re not taking your position seriously.
Dressing smart gives a reliable and efficient impression, while too casual shows uncaring and disorganized behavior. You can always dress down later in order to match the workplace style.

Most people think this isn’t necessarily the case, but keep in mind that first impressions matter. You will not have the opportunity to let every person in the workplace know how efficient you are through actions alone. That’s why dressing the part is vital!

Be Part of the Team

Ensure you show enthusiasm for being part of the organization and a team player as well. Being part of the team means you are glad to there and like the people you interact with.

You are a part of a work team, and this means banding together in order to solve problems and get tasks or projects done. During the first day, refrain from assuming the team culture or group dynamics. Also, do not try to know it all. You will learn the culture and work ethics gradually as you become familiar with your teammates. Just ensure you are ready to participate


All your workmates will be busy doing their tasks. On some occasions, you may feel underused or neglected. There is no harm in asking to volunteer to do a task for somebody. Yes, you’re new, but this presents one of the best opportunities to show that you are eager and proactive.

The End of the First Day

So, you have made a good impression, thanks to being positive, helpful, and an excellent dress code. You have shown the willingness to do your part and maintain this kind of enthusiasm during your period in the company.

On the initial day, the manager or supervisor will tell you when it is time to finish. However, you can make a good impression by being available up until the end of business hours. The last thing you want is to show you’re in a hurry to leave during the first day at work.

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