Things you should know about glass partitions

Things you should know about glass partitions

Glass partitions or glass room dividers are high quality and nonload- bearing planes of glass that functions as room dividers. They are quite a trend these days as they help in enhancing the workplace. They allow the workplace to have an efficient flow of air and light. They also provide a competitive edge amidst an ever-evolving and frantically paced global environment. However, before getting the glass partitions, there are many things that one should be aware of.

When it comes to choosing the glass partition for your office or workspace, you should not compromise in terms of flexibility, long term affordability, and environmental responsibility. Glass partition can produce a bit of a cultural shock if you are not prepared. So here are a few things that you should consider to know before getting the glass partitions installed.

  • They will stand up to punishment: Many people, especially business owners think that the glass partitions break like any other regular windows. However, fortunately, that is not the case, the glass partitions are specially made tough. They are quite durable and Do not break easily, the tempered glass provides an edge to the glass partitions and won’t break into dangerous shards if impacted.
  • You will not need to worry about privacy: one may think that with glass partitions, one will have to compromise their privacy. However, no matter what level of openness or privacy is required, there is a modular glass partition wall to fill the need. You can easily get installed the stack of horizontal panels with frosted panels on the lower levels in clear glass at the top. This will help you to maintain privacy, as well as it will allow the light to transfer. However, if you want opaque walls you can get them installed as well.
  • Say goodbye to your old fashioned office: glass partitions are quite trendy these days. If you get the glass partitions installed, your whole office will get a new look. Air and light will be able to circulate easily, and so will be the staff and visitors. Your white-walled corridors will become an unpleasant memory. With the help of new glass walls, you will be able to add extra space to your office. This new openness will result in higher productivity and greater collaboration.
  • Your company will get an entirely new public profile: glass partitions are not only great in their function but also add a lot to the curb appeal. Getting rid of your cloistered office not only means adjustment meant for the people working in the office but also adopting a whole new public profile of your company.
  • You do not require any building permits: Many people think that permits are required to move their new glass partition walls. However, that is not the case at all. In fact, glass partitions are considered a type of furniture, just like you do not require any permit to move your furniture, you won’t require any in case of glass partition walls. All you have to do is derive a layout and have the professionals arrange things after hours.

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