TCA Entertainment Has a Story for the Ages


The entertainment industry is chock-full of agencies that are competing over talented artists left and right. Each of these agencies has a story to tell, yet there is nothing out there quite like TCA Entertainment. Founded by Antonio Moorman, who runs a tight ship, the entertainment agency has made a solid name for itself and has been consistently regarded as an agency that takes their developing artists to the next level. 

After being in the US Navy for ten whole years, Antonio Moorman eventually built himself up to be the music industry mogul that he is today. His story began when he went to Georgia with nothing but a glimmer of hope left to fully turn his life around. He got an offer to teach, so he accepted the job and made his way into a public school.

It was this exact time in his life that he would often look back to as the pivotal moment where he finally realized his true passion for music. As Antonio Moorman became increasingly invested in his teaching job, he would often go out of his way to mentor high school students and bond with them through music. He wanted to go beyond just being an ordinary educator. He wanted to encourage his students to pursue their own passions.

TCA Entertainment was built on the principles that he learned as he continued to engage with his students. He realized that most of his students had a lot of potential, and he felt the need to support them as much as he could. He took funds straight out of his own pocket so that his students could record in a studio and show off their creativity and hopefully get noticed for their talents.

Thus, TCA Entertainment was born. Antonio Moorman started becoming the official manager for his students who showed genuine interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Moorman quickly rounded up all of his connections and networks in the music industry to further boost the legitimacy of his entertainment agency. 

He might have had a lot of pull in the industry, but Moorman lacked the funds to actually keep his company sustainable. He was working a day job as a teacher, which barely paid for his company’s bills. He was in a tough spot financially, but he persevered and saw it as just another obstacle that he had to overcome.

With his hard work and dedication, Moorman managed to get TCA Entertainment a distribution deal through ROC Nation and Universal Music Group. The partnerships elevated his entertainment agency to the next level and fully established it as one of the premier agencies in the music industry.

TCA Entertainment has come so far, and nowadays they have come to a point where they can collaborate with major artists and major labels. Antonio Moorman has fully embodied the real meaning of TCA Entertainment, which fully stands for Take Charge Always. Moorman has always taken charge of his life and has never bowed down to any challenge. His resilience has been a big part of the success of his entertainment agency and all of the artists within it. 

Such an inspiring tale deserves to be heard, and as Moorman and his agency make its way further to the top of the music industry, the story will grow bigger and better. However, his roots will always remain the same, as the humble teacher who just wanted to give his students a shot at fulfilling their wildest dreams. 

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source: New York Weekly

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