Successful Musician / Producer: How to Become a Famous Artist?


Who has never imagined, with stars in their eyes, becoming the next fashionable rock star? They make you dream, these successful musicians, these boy bands who go on tour. How to look like them, when you are yourself a musician, a singer or an amateur group? How do you find them when you’re a Young producer looking for talent? Beyond luck, encounters and talent, there are some tips that can help you break into this special world of music.

Be well surrounded

We all imagined ourselves surrounded by our best friends on the Zenith stage in the middle of a concert. Only here, Paul never knew how to read the notes and Basile thinks that a bass drum is used to move. The time has come to start looking for credible, serious partners. Those with whom you can calmly consider taking a musical and artistic journey. For those who see themselves rather lonely, alone on stage, no problem: big stars of song and music have done very well on their own. Be careful not to confuse “solo artist” and “big ego”.

Sweat and tears

Practice. It may sound simplistic, but it is the basis of all good production. Whether you are at work, in music, in painting, in the cinema or even in the kitchen, training and habit are the bases of a job well done. Impossible to improvise from one day to the next virtuoso. Get ready now for long afternoons of rehearsals in your garage, to string together a few wrong notes and a few hiccups: it’s normal, it’s the job that comes in. Either way, it’s better for incidents like these to happen in rehearsal rather than on stage. Take advantage of still having time to work on your style, the little peculiarities that make your music so charming. You have something that sets you apart from others: make it stand out.

Start small without forgetting to think big

You won’t be doing the Olympia after a week of performances. It’s bad luck, but you will have to get used to it. You will start by playing in front of your friends, your family: this is the shooting range, the training field. After that, you have to move up a gear: make small rooms, the local bar, make yourself known so that little by little, the local media will end up talking about you. A brief, a small insert at the bottom of the page: everything is good to start. Very quickly, you will be able to claim to participate in festivals in your region. It will then be an opportunity to meet other artists, to exchange your experiences, perhaps the number of a producer.

Force fate

Once you have gained a certain notoriety, it will become imperative to take charge of your future. Take part in competitions, sing / play on bigger stages, offer to be the first part of another group you meet at a festival. You have to be noticed, otherwise you will stagnate for a long time in this status of a small group without scope. Take the lead and ask for an appointment with a producer. An audition has never killed anyone and it might get you noticed! Don’t stress ahead: if you ever end up failing, you can always re-audition later.

Believe in yourself

The road to success is not linear, of course. You will have moments of success and depression, phases where luck will smile on you and others where you will take time to hear from the producers / artists. We must not take offense! You have qualities, that’s for sure, and they are what will distinguish you and which, in the long term, will make you the person to know / the group to follow.

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