Seven Doubts Before Water Heater Installation You Should Clarify

Heater Installation

Getting a new appliance is not a random decision, and that’s for sure. Your own research, assessment, and price hunting go at the back of it. Well, you would be able to relate to this if you have bought a device in the past or are looking to do so now. We mean, that’s natural – right? You make a purchase for a long-term purpose, so it’s obvious to do that kind of research.

Here as you might have got by the title, we would be talking about a common HVAC appliance, the Heater. However, what we would be going to discuss here are the common doubts that you face when you decide to get a new heater installed. So, if those doubts are bothering you, here is a chance to clear them. 

Kind of Heater You Need

That is an important choice to make, and you would often be confused about it. Basically, heaters are categorized in two forms: tankless heaters and tank heaters. Under these two categories, there are a number of varieties of heaters that you see in the market.  The tankless ones are less costly and last for a long time, and allow you to save money on energy consumption as well.

However, a tank water heater costs you less if you decide to install the tank at the starting only.  Furthermore, tank water heaters are useful when you have a need for hot water from multiple outlets. Now, the final decision relies on the number of users at home and the kind of needs you have. For professional assistance about choice and installation, you can search for the best water heater installation in Orange County (or wherever you are).

Energy Efficiency

Whether the device would be an energy-efficient one or not is a common doubt with HVAC devices, be it an air conditioner or heater. The question is obvious as these devices consume more units of electricity given their heavy functioning. Check for the energy efficiency rating of the device and read reviews about the device from people who have purchased it. This would give you a fair idea. Also, as we mentioned above, tankless heaters are more energy-efficient; hence, you can opt for them as well.

Brands For Selection

A common confusion is with regards to the selection of the brand for the heater. There are several brands that offer good quality, robustness, and life.  Here it would be better for you if you research online more than relying on the local plumber’s advice. The reason why we are saying this is that plumbers have tie-ups with certain brands and are likely to try to sell you those brands. So, think, research, and pick.

Warranty Period

Most of the new water heaters come with a warranty period. The warranty period acts as a guarantee for repair and maintenance in case the appliance breaks down soon after purchase. Generally, the warranty period on the device is five years; however, you can ask for an extended warranty which is offered by making a payment upfront at the time of purchase of the device.

Cost Factor

You have a budget in mind, and that is most important. Of course, we know that. However, keep a little bit of room above your budget; in case you are finding a quality appliance. This little spending over budget can save those hassles, which you might face if you compromise and go for an under-par device to be within budget. Think about that. 

How To Get It Installed?

It is a common query once you have decided on the device to opt for. Needless to worry, there are many heater installation service providers in Orange County and other places who can help you in installation. If you have a plumber who is providing services to you, then go for it. If that is not the case, search on the internet and pick the reliable ones with affordable door-step services.

Time Needed For Installation

Generally, the installation of a heater is not a very lengthy process. If you are going on your own, then we can’t commit how long you would take to install the system. However, if you are getting installation of a water heater done with the help of professionals in Orange County, then they are capable enough of getting the job done in a few hours. However, it is advisable to opt for professionals because it not only saves time but also prevents any damage that you may cause with your rookie attempts.


Now, as you are going to purchase a new heater, we hope these doubts that were doing rounds in your mind are settled. If you are in the planning stage for getting a new system installed, then keep the points that we discussed here. Looking for the brand, make, energy efficiency, price, etc., is the wise thing to do while purchasing any HVAC device.

Thus, it’s essential to clear all doubts to avoid trouble later, and we hope we did that doubt-clearing for you.

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