Scabs on the scalp, why does seborrheic dermatitis appear and how is it eliminated?

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Surely, you have ever passed your hands over your head and you feel something ‘strange’ in it. We are not referring precisely to an animal that walks on your head, but rather to scabs on the scalp.

It is also known as seborrheic dermatitis. It is a condition in which small lesions appear on the scalp, mainly due to nervous disorders. According to scientists, this type of disease is chronic, the more you stress, the more scabs will appear.

These bumps on the head turn out to be very annoying for some people since itching is inevitable and scratching can irritate the area more, but worry no more, some home remedies can help reduce this.

Sodium bicarbonate

It is also used to combat dandruff. The fungus disappears when baking soda is applied to it.

It is recommended to add it to the shampoo and apply it every other day. It is not advisable to wash your hair daily, this can further dry out the scalp.

Olive oil

Moisturizes the scalp and keeps it soft, gradually shedding the scabs without leaving scars.

It is recommended to apply two tablespoons of oil on the affected area and give a light massage so that the product is absorbed.

Coconut oil

Its fatty acid content combats dryness and eliminates scabs .

Applying a large tablespoon of coconut oil to the scalp daily is what is recommended.

These remedies help to eliminate the scabs on the scalp, but when the appearance of these ‘lumps’ continues, it is important to go to a specialist, or use the best products for scabs on the scalp, in this case, a dermatologist, to provide a more aggressive treatment and solve the problem internally.

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