Rewards Your Trading Business can reap from B2B Websites

How To Build A Scalable Online B2B Marketplace

The growth of b2b websites has been quite fast over the past decade or so. In 2017, the research showed that overall sales from b2b websites had reached over $7 trillion. Of course, in recent years, it has been increasing at a much faster rate. Yes sure, since COVID-19 came, there has been a slight decrease in the growth rate of the overall sales however, this is only due the disturbance caused by COVID in the transportation sector. 

However, the data shows that there has been a considerable increase in not only b2c e-commerce but also in b2b ecommerce as well. COVID or no COVID, b2b websites are definitely, a complete game changer as far as creating ease and comfort level of international trading organizations and not to mention, the advanced security and reducing the element of fraud has also helped many business organizations to start preferring the use of b2b websites as well. 

Now, if you are starting up your own international trading business or if you are a beginner, who runs a small international trading business and if you are not using b2b websites up until now, then here are some really, amazing reasons, which will help you understand why you should use it.

Secure Transactions

Let’s say that you’re sitting in India and you want to deal with a facemask manufacturer in Brazil. Now, if you are doing things the traditional way then there is always going to be a doubt in your mind and unless you receive your money or your goods, you will be constantly stressed out and be at the edge of your seat. However, when you are using a b2b website, most of them out there offer assurances to both, the buyer and the seller and ensures that there are no frauds happening through their platforms. See, for a company, which is running a b2b platform, for them it’s a matter of upholding their reputation and image and most of the good b2b websites even refund the money of the buyers, in case of any fraudulent deals. Therefore, using a b2b website is much more secure for both, the buyers and the sellers because the platform plays the role of the regulator in most deals made through it. 

Little Investment with High Returns

One of the most amazing things about trading through a b2b website is that the cost of creating an account on a b2b website is quite low. If you compare the cost of registering on a b2b website with the amount of opportunities you get to trade and make a profit, then you can literally, make millions by trading through these platforms. Whereas you only have to pay a cost of registration, which range somewhere between $300 and $3000. Now, considering that you are only paying $3000, which is probably the maximum amount of cost, which you have to incur to register on a b2b platform, this cost is nothing as compared to the amount of revenue, which you can generate by using this platform.

Reduced Workload

When you talk about international trading, then you need to understand that before the introduction of b2b websites, the process of searching for and finding buyers and sellers used to take a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, the trading organizations had to make sure that they take care of the customer services by themselves as well. However, with the introduction of b2b websites, not only, the workload is reduced, as far as time and effort of searching and finding buyers or sellers is concerned but in fact, these websites also provide trading organizations with amazing support with their customer services as well. This helps trading organizations to focus more on their core business and leave the rest to the b2b website. 

Higher Sales

The best thing about trading through a b2b website is the opportunity of increasing or scaling your sales. See, most of the sellers or buyers, which you will comes across through this platform, will be interested in buying or selling in bulk quantities. Now, this will automatically increase your possibilities of increasing your sales. The orders, which you will receive from your sellers will be for high volumes, which will increase your sales and as a consequence of that, you will be able to earn higher revenues and higher profits.

Easy Way to Study the Market

See, when you are present on a b2b website, then you are present in the midst of trading organizations from all over the world. Now, this is one of the best ways in which, you can come across millions of other trading organizations that are dealing in the same products as you are as well. This will give you an opportunity to study the market and get valuable insight about the way you should go on about doing things in the international market as well. You will learn about the right rates or prices, which you should quote to your buyers by looking at the selling prices of your competitors in the global market. Along with that, you can also comprehend what quality of the products are easily sold or high in demand in the international market as well. You can contact different sellers and order samples to compare your products with theirs and figure out where your products lack in quality as well.    

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