NetSuite, the ERP Cloud for Medium and Small Businesses

NetSuite, the ERP Cloud for Medium and Small Businesses

NetSuite is the most distributed Cloud management system in the world, so much so that today over 40,000 companies has chosen it as their management software. It is designed to support organizations in continuous evolution, present both locally and internationally. It represents the only fully integrated business management suite, which brings together the various modules that allow users to use a single interface for the various business areas: Accounting, Project Management, Production, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and much more.

Speed ​​up your performances and start climbing

NetSuite Implementation designed to incentivize the creation of scalable businesses; the software is characterized by its ability to adapt to companies during their evolution process. This allows companies to focus on the key activities of their business and be able to react promptly to the continuous opportunities offered by the market. In other words, NetSuite provides its users with the tools to accelerate business growth and encourage the processes of technological innovation that are the basis of business growth.

NetSuite app is suitable not only for medium and small companies, but is also able to support large companies operating on an international scale, as well as those in rapid growth, because it is natively developed to support scalability and allow maintaining a constant alignment with the company business.

Whatever the age group, gender and purchasing power of the consumer, today he expects to be able to buy anywhere, at any time, but above all through any sales channel. NetSuite supports you in creating this Omni channel strategy, with features for eCommerce, CRM, POS, warehouse and inventory management.

The solutions that NetSuite ecommerce makes available are aimed at satisfying the needs of the various corporate roles involved in business success (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, etc.). The rich suite of modules that characterizes the software allows it to respond effectively to the most diversified operational needs sought by each of these roles.

Since 2015 Extra Vision has obtained certification as Oracle Suite commerce Solution Provider and since then has had the opportunity to investigate in detail the characteristics of this Suite, so as to be able to offer its customers the solutions most in line with their specific needs. Extra Vision can therefore today present itself on the Italian market as a partner of great experience and reliability.

The development of the Italian accounting localization NExIL (NetSuite Extended Italian Localization) was a fundamental step to ensure that companies could also use software such as NetSuite ecommerce in Italy, originally developed according to American accounting logic. Thanks to NexIL it is now possible to access all the pluses offered by the modules that make up the Suite and at the same time be compliant with all the typical functions of Italian accounting.

We are supported by Extra Group, System Integrator since 2006, and we can therefore help you integrate Hub Spot into your IT architecture and extend your technological skills with IoT, Cloud, Inbound Marketing, Web Portals and much more.

Today’s customers expect a personalized, unified shopping experience, available through all the channels used for contacting companies. Successful businesses, therefore, have gone beyond the limits imposed by single channels and individual points of contact with the customer, in order to provide an Omni-channel business experience. If companies are able to address customers’ needs, it leads to a corresponding increase in customer loyalty, customer interaction, and the overall success of the business.

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