Montessori Education: Things that Parents May Not Know

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Despite Montessori education being quite popular, there is always confusion among the parents as it is not considered a regular curriculum for children. The confusion, along with a lack of knowledge and information lead to several parents contemplating about how good the curriculum actually is.

Montessori education is one of the best forms of education in the world, and there are many values your child can develop over there. In this article, you will learn some things about Montessori education that you may not know as parents.

Things that You May Not Know about Montessori Education

Some of the things that parents may be unaware of about Montessori education are as follows:

●      Classrooms are mostly round-shaped

As per the principles of Montessori education, the classrooms need to be round-shaped. This is done so that the teachers can have a 360-degree view of all children in class when they are busy with different activities. Teachers do not sit behind desks and provide instructions like normal schools but participate in the activities with the kids in the classroom.  

●      The teaching tools in the international schools in Tokyo following the Montessori curriculum are designed for sensory engagement.

The founder of Montessori education, Dr. Maria Montessori, designed sensorial materials. This is so that the children in the class can learn via sensory engagement. Some of the examples of such tools and equipment are red rods, pink towers and cylinder blocks.

●       There are only age groups and no grades

This type of education does not believe in dividing children due to age. Montessori classrooms in international schools in Tokyo have a good mix of younger and older students. This is the type of practice that helps them learn from their peers and is one of the best ways of learning.

●      Children learn only via mastery

Under this form of education, children can decide their own lessons and move to the next ones after they excel in the previous. They learn through hands-on activities and do not fear how they are going to perform in their exams or for good grades/marks.

This type of environment provided in a Montessori education under international schools in Tokyo can help improve the children’s confidence. It helps to provide children with the freedom to learn at their respective pace.

●      There are not only pre-primary classes in Montessori education.

When we think about Montessori education, we mostly think about education before primary school. But the truth is that Montessori education is not only limited to pre-primary schools but also high school. There are many international schools in Tokyo that offer Montessori education along with ICSE and CBSE as the exit examination.

Final Words

As you know, Montessori education is one of the best teaching curriculums available in the world. But before you opt to enroll your child in this type of curriculum, you need to know more about the curriculum and its specialties. Many reputed international schools in Tokyo provide a Montessori curriculum for their students.

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