How To Wear Lehenga To Look Slim?


ehenga choli is a classic Indian attire that is loved nationwide by women of all ages and all walks of life. These three components that make up the lehenga are choli that is the blouse, lehenga is the floor-length skirt, and dupatta which is a long scarf that can be draped in several different styles depending on your taste.

Together they form a completely stylish outfit that has grown to represent a great portion of our cultural background, but most recently it has become more of a fashion statement that can be worn to any occasion as it is attractive enough to garner attraction.

Ethnic wear is a great part of every woman’s life and wearing them is an unavoidable fact of life. Regardless of your body type, there are some things you cannot change so learning to get on with what you have is a good thing to do.

There are several options accessible to all women who want to hide their curves and look a little slimmer in the lehenga choli attire. There will always be an occasion where you will have to wear this stunning outfit whether it is for fashion reasons or attending the wedding of a family member.

8 Easy tricks to look slimmer!

1. Decorative appearance

The design and decoration play a vital role in deciding whether or not an outfit will make you appear slimmer or not. For this reason, it is the most important decision that you will make and making the incorrect choice can affect the outcome of your entire look.

Try to avoid heavy lehengas and crowded blouses as they will just add to the bulk. Keep decorations to a minimum and rather stick to similar ones.


2. Solid colors

A fact known by every woman is that the color of the lehenga choli affects the overall appearance and this is because darker colors give a slimmer appearance due to visual illusion.

Lighter hues display the body for what it is and can make your bulges more prominent, so to avoid this stay away from any light or pastel colors. Do not be saddened by this as there are still many suitable colors to select from, in some cases the darker shades are better than the original ones.

dark green color saree fabric

3. Small designs

After choosing fabric and decoration, you can turn your attention to the design aspect. Going for smaller, more compact designs and patterns is an advisable action. What it does is it creates a visual of a smaller surface area that the body occupies. It is one of the best tricks in the book so do not ignore it completely.

4. Vertical patterns

Some patterns that will help the cause are vertical striped patterns. Have long patterns along the lehenga or the blouse to give a slim impression. Also, paneled designs on the skirt will do wonders and can actually be a game-changer by making you appear slimmer than any other of the options. Opting for any other design may make you appear bigger than you actually even are.

DSC 7830 grande

5. Narrow waists designs

The waist can sometimes be the bulkiest part of the body and hiding this specific portion is every woman’s priority. The good news is you can easily be hidden by opting for those lehengas that have a high waist or rather that have a waistband that is decorated. This now conceals the bulges but also raises the style level by adding a highly attractive design around the waist region.

6. Fabric matters!

When it comes to the fabric, try to avoid those materials that do not stick to the body and show its true form, these include Georgette and silk. Rather go with those materials that will not stick to your body, examples of these specific materials are cotton, chanderi, and brocade fabrics. Selecting the correct fabric will go a long way because it will decide if you end up uncomfortable or comfortable enough to enjoy yourself at the event.

pochampally ikat fabric1

7. Sleeve length

Most women prefer to rock the sleeveless look. However, some women who have not so slim arms will prefer to cover them up. In this case, the addition of 3/4 sleeves or full sleeves is a recommended action and will even make you feel so much more confident.

 When adding the sleeves, make sure to make them from netting or georgette fabric to make sure that they are adding a stylish quotient to the entire outfit. That said, make sure the sleeves also have some embroidery or sequin works.


8. Right accessories.

When it comes to finishing your final look, it is important to pick the right accessories and no woman will leave her house without adding these specific accompaniments. Accessories include many items including jewellery, purses, and most importantly shoes.

Avoid chunky jewellery as it will make you look thicker and make your neck look shorter. Shoes are very important as they will affect your energy levels. Some uncomfortable shoes are all it takes to knock you off your game.


End note.

Dressing up for an event is almost as important as attending the event. Many people will judge you based on your initial looks and ruining it the first time will be an error that you do not want to commit. Clothing is one thing that can be used to cover up and create an illusion that you are slim even if you are not actually slim at all.

Looking your very best usually requires you to style yourself up to your body and not according to the latest fashion and styles that are present on the market at the moment, getting this wrong can cause a fashion faux pas.

 So to avoid this you will need to be smart and adopt some tips and tricks that have been tried and tested to make you look even more slim. Some common facts are fabric types, color, and can buy lehenga online usa according to your shape and size.

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