How to Reduce the Need for Air Conditioning Repairs?


Air conditioning units are mostly used during the summer. The hot and humid or dry and hot summer time could be longer in some areas than in another. Air conditioning repair work across California shoots up during summer. Often homeowners find that there are many ways in which they could have avoided certain problems from happening in their AC units.

It is also generally found that most users are not aware about how their air conditioning systems work best, what activities should be avoided, i.e. the Dos, Don’ts and the best practices of AC use. If they did, they could have easily prevented several emergency AC repair scenarios and would not be looking for an air conditioning repair San Diego company every 2-3 months. So how can you reduce the cost of repairs?

First, Know How Your Air Conditioner Works

To maintain the air conditioning system in good working condition for a long time, it is important to understand key facts about your AC, and about its components.

Air conditioners are deemed to be the highest consumers of electricity and function on similar principles of thermodynamics that refrigerators use. Just like refrigerators use energy to transfer heat from the interior of the unit to its exterior, an AC moves heat from interiors of the house to the exterior.

There are compressors, refrigerants, and evaporator coils inside the AC units that are involved in heat transfer and cooling. The quality of air is controlled by air filters and other air flow components.

As the weather becomes hotter and humid, AC units have to work harder to maintain desired cool temperatures within houses, and the extra wear and tear of components could affect their performance. In absence of proper maintenance or tune-up, a component issue might not be detected and a minor trouble turns into a major one. The consequence, most times, is a breakdown of that part and malfunctioning of the AC

If you have to keep looking for an air conditioning repair San Diego company every summer, this article could be of great help!

How to reduce the need for emergency air conditioning repairs?

The best way to avoid AC troubles is to follow the best practices of usage-usually specified in the user manual,- regular maintenance, and not using the AC for long hours on a routine basis. Here are some other tips and suggestions.

1. Having a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is one that can be programmed remotely through devices like smartphones. When it is switched off, the unit will automatically stop cooling activities.

Many times, people forget to switch off their air conditioners when they leave their homes or leave the AC running for a long time even if they are not in the room. With a smart thermostat, people can switch off the air conditioning system using their smartphones, and energy wastage as well as unwanted AC use can be minimized.

By preventing unnecessary usage of AC units, the load on the internal AC components decrease, and subsequently the accelerated wear and tear can be avoided. This way, you will not have to keep looking for an air conditioning repair San Diego company every year.

2. Placement and Cleaning of The Exterior Unit

Be very careful about the placement of the exterior unit of the air conditioner. If you can place it in such a way that it is less exposed to excessive heat, falling twigs and branches, and various debris, you can avoid a lot of issues or damage scenarios.

Also, keep the surrounding area around the exterior unit clean and clear. Do not let birds or pests settle on the unit or place it near creepers and plants that can penetrate inside or cause damage in any other manner. A number of emergency repair events occur when the exterior unit malfunctions due to accumulation of debris or gets damaged.

3. Being Alert About Sounds and Changes in Functioning

Has your air conditioner started making slightly more noise than usual when it is on? Is there any unusual noise when it is switched on? Is there a slight smell when it is in use for a long time? Remaining alert saves a lot of trouble. If you are aware of when your AC starts giving the first signal of potential troubles, you can avoid such troubles from happening.

4. Ensuring That Rooms are Properly Closed and Insulated for AC Use

Insulation in the homes can work well with reducing the workload of the air conditioning systems. If there are various ventilation holes or vents in your room that do not allow the room to be properly insulated, the load on your air conditioner increases a lot every time it is in use. The chances of a breakdown also increases.

Similarly, if you forget to close windows or doors properly, the continual flow of hot air inside the room also increases the load on various AC components. Ensure the room in which you have an AC is properly insulated, and also that windows, blinds, doors are properly shut when the AC is on.

5. Optimal Use of the Thermostat

By using the thermostat optimally you can reduce the workload on the air conditioning system and avoid elevated electricity bills. Using a thermostat in an optimal manner, placing fans inside the room, etc. can keep the AC working properly for a longer time.

6. Timely Maintenance and Replacement of Air Filters

Dirty and clogged AC filters affect a unit’s performance and can cause damage to the unit. Clogged filters can lead to damage to the motor in the AC or debris can escape to the interior causing various troubles.

As an AC air filter cannot clean itself, it needs to be cleaned and maintained in a good condition through timely maintenance procedures. With clean air filters, the system need not work hard to cool off the air and the environment is cooled without the machine having to work harder than usual.

7. Regular inspection and maintenance

Schedule maintenance and tune-ups of your air conditioner as suggested in the user manual. If it needs to be cleaned and serviced every three months it is in use, or a tune-up done on a yearly basis, do not skip these maintenance procedures in a bid to save some money. Such practices often lead to expensive repairs, which could have been easily avoided through timely maintenance.


If you are looking for an air conditioning repair San Diego company for emergency AC repairs, find one that offers services 24/7! When you connect with their customer services, you should be able to book an emergency services appointment with ease, and find services of a licensed HVAC technician.

Many people search online “looking for an air conditioner repair San Diego company” to find an expert service provider. If you visit the website of a company, check if they offer emergency AC repair services, and what the response time is. Avoid getting into long-term or yearly contracts for maintenance until you are sure about the reliability and efficiency of their services.                      

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