How to Promote New Album

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To promote your music effectively and make yourself known, you need a strategy, a methodology, and respect the steps. We will see in this article the methods and tools to use to develop your visibility with music fans and professionals (influencers, labels, radios, media, playlists, etc.). Developing your notoriety and developing contacts takes time, so you have to be patient. As an artist, you have to do everything: composition, production, distribution, promotion, marketing, marketing, etc. It’s a real business.

The goal of marketing in music?

It is very simple: make your project known and give you the means to discover yourself among the countless number of music groups already in existence. That is to say:

  • publicize your project
  • encourage the public to come to your concerts
  • sell albums, EPs and merchandising
  • increase the number of your downloads
  • find new concert dates, organize new tours
  • get programmed at festivals
  • increase the number of views of your videos on YouTube
  • develop your fan base on social networks (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc.)

The best is to develop a marketing plan for your musical project, A marketing plan consists of:

  • analyse your musical niche
  • know your target audience
  • define objectives
  • allocate a budget to your actions
  • create a provisional schedule of your actions

Launch the info by creating:

  • a Facebook banners
  • a Soundcloud banner
  • a Twitter banners
  • a YouTube banners
  • a news on your website or on your blog
  • several Facebook posts

Recording an album is quite an adventure. You go through the process of deciding the right time to save. You open up your writer’s toolbox and create some awesome songs to publish. You’ve got your team together, you’ve funded your business in a participatory fashion, and you’ve completed the most exciting part of the trip, the studio recording. Now is the time to get all of that hard work done and release your album to the world.

The come back of FRANTZ-DEE (NEW ALBUM)

FRANTZ-DEE so excited to drop his new album knowing his fans been waiting for it, and can not wait to listen to it. He’s been working on the album over 2 years, there’s a lot of big features on the album, the fans have to wait for the album to come out to find out who’s on the album.

The album will have 12 songs (5 featuring and 7 solo songs) he plans on dropping 2 music videos before the album drops. Last month he was in Paris shooting a music video that will announce the album very soon. The ALBUM NAME is left for surprise. and the release date is also a surprise.

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