How to Grow your Instagram Business Page – With Liran Mizrahi


Having a large following on Instagram can mean more sales for your business, more views on your blog, or a more tight-knit and loyal community around your brand. Liran Mizrahi is one of Israel’s top social media marketing masters, helping brands find success in the social media sphere. Liran is an Instagram mogul with over 12 years of experience with active involvement in account management and Instagram marketing. ality “fanbase” is crucial. So we asked Mr. Mizrahi to suggest us how to growth your Instagram business page. Interact with your niche First, try to interact with your niche market by leaving genuine likes and comments on your potential customers’ photos. This increases the likelihood that the user will reciprocate by liking and commenting on your profile or by following you. Try not to do this with all users, of course. Rather, focus only on users that you know could potentially be your customers.

Create a unique style

Once a user lands on your account, you’ll need to give them a reason to follow you. One original way to make your followers fall in love with your account is to define a unique and original style to your photos.

You could post photos in a way that creates horizontal, vertical, or crosswise grids.

 Or you could choose a set of colors that dominates all of your photos. If, for example, you want to convey sunshine you could play constantly with yellow or blue if you want to convey professionalism and seriousness.

On a par with colors are fonts. Choose two or maximum three different fonts so that you are immediately recognized.

Take advantage of the Geotag

Try to understand what your audience likes most. Analyze your photos and mark down which posts got the most likes and comments and which ones generated negative results. Also mark which photos generated the most clicks and ask yourself why. In this way you can find the key to make your posts more and more performing.

Link your Instagram account to other social networks

If you have a blog, website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account, you may mistakenly think that your followers are already following you on Instagram as well. Actually, they’re not! Share a short tweet or post on Facebook that encourages users to follow you on Instagram as well.

This will generate more followers than you think.

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