How To Generate Sales Leads


How many times in your life has this situation happened: during important matters a sales manager calls you from a company that you’ve never heard of and begin to offer you the goods you need, talking a mile a minute.

9 out of 10 people in these situations either simply hang up or aggressively answer to the caller that they don’t need anything. But here’s what’s interesting – even if the potential customer is interested in the offered product, he may still refuse it because a phone call is a very intrusive form of contact and not everyone likes it.

Ale Stef Agency team examined a number of the latest lead generation techniques and selected those that will help you create more effective advertising campaigns, expand customer reach and ultimately increase sales.


Lead training, raising their awareness about your businesses – this is another strategy for mass lead generation. Do you tell potential customers about your offer and already demonstrating the values? Your costumer should believe that is the best product on the market.

Most likely, you have already participated in webinars more than once and if you can’t wait to make sales you better to start your own webinar. It really doesn’t matter which industry you work in, because webinars are a really powerful method of generating leads and an effective means of retaining users.

Webinars will help you to make authoritative all the content you publish by packing it in a format popular with the audience. This is also an ideal chance to demonstrate your personality and gain the trust of your audience.

Create and promote “evergreen” content

“Evergreen” refers to content with lasting popularity. Writing deeply developed materials takes a lot of time, but the efforts are justified. If you have articulated and structured your thoughts well, the article will continue to drive traffic even many years after publication. With that steady stream of traffic, generating leads is easier.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way for communicating with people who already know your brand, product or service. It’s much easier to ask a person who previously subscribed to your newsletter to complete the targeted action. When person is already in your mailing list, then they are strong candidate to be your potential customer. But what if you start a new service? Then you need to highlight among your current base those who are interested in a new product. But keep in mind, mailboxes are usually much overloaded. So that your letter does not go unnoticed, accompany your letter with high-quality, interesting content and work on the design. For example the news letters from our company comes with some promotion or free motivation video. Remember, you need to attract the attention of the user, and, therefore, stand out from the rest of the letters.

Promote your Social Media

Make sure you post content on social networks where links lead directly to the form. By clicking on them, the user will be able to immediately fill out an application or download a document. This is pretty good advantage because the user immediately performs the action and becomes the buyer.

Publish a post with a link to a blog or landing page so that the user can familiarize them with the information. 

The actions that he performs: purchase, application or download will be indirect. The user will complete them if he finds the page content useful. This is a surefire way to gain user loyalty, enhances reputation and turns it into a potential customer.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is already a more advanced tool. The brand is already choosing more precisely to whom to show ads. The work is carried out in social media brands themselves choose gender, age, work, interests of future leads. Similarly, there are more and more new tools for automating targeted advertising.

These tools do not give a short-term surge in sales, but build long-term sustainable business processes. As a result, your business will work more productively, constantly attract new sales leads and steadily increase sales.

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