How To Block SBI ATM Card?


State Bank of India or well known as SBI is the largest bank that is currently operating in India. This bank has a lot of assets, account holders, and also the trust of the people. That is because it is a state-owned bank in India. The owner of SBI is the Government of India and that is the reason this bank enjoys a lot of trust and priority when it comes to opening a bank account.

Not only in terms of the number of account holders. State Bank of India also stands at the number one place when it comes to giving home loans. They provide home loans at the least interest rate in India. If you wish to get a new home and are looking for home loans then SBI would be a great choice for you. But the rules and regulations that have to be followed in terms of SBI Home loans are strict.

State Bank of India has an amazing network of ATM machines across India. You can find the ATM Machine owned by the State Bank of India in almost all the corners of our huge country. When it comes to issuing the ATM cards or debit cards they issue all kinds of ATM Card which are powered by various payment processing companies. You can apply for an ATM Car issued by RuPay, VISA, MasterCard, etc.

This bank also a pioneer in terms of introducing new technologies in the Indian Banking industry. They had introduced the cardless cash withdrawal system which is known as YONO Cash in India. This is an integration in their YONO mobile banking application. This helps the account holders to withdraw money from their bank account without having to use the physical ATM Card or Debit Card.

How to Block State Bank of India ATM Card?

There is no doubt that the ATM Card is great and has made our banking life easier. But you should always make sure that you don’t lose your ATM card somewhere. If you have lost the card then you should block the card instantly. The steps that you have to follow to block State Bank of India ATM card are explained below.

  1. Open the Internet Banking website of the State Bank of India.
  2. Click on the Internet Banking portal of the bank.
  3. Enter your login credentials, solve the captcha, and continue with the login process.
  4. Click on ATM Card Services.
  5. Then click on Block ATM Card.
  6. Select the ATM Card from the list which you want to block.
  7. After selecting the card click on Confirm and your card will be blocked.

Source: Bank With Us


If you don’t want to use internet banking or if you don’t have access to internet banking you can still block you card. The other methods that can be used by you are mobile banking, SMS banking, and calling the bank itself. If you are facing any difficulties then you should immediately call the customer care and talk to the support executives of the State Bank of India.

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